Edit: LA studio shoot 16

"I started working at a photo studio a few years ago, and noticed the one of the CYCS, aka, "white space at a studio" had good 6 foot quarters along the whole thing. All CYCS's should have some tranny to them but they are always only about two feet and then vert to them, so there is no chance of riding it. I would ride it for a bit after a shoot before they repaint it. I always thought it would be cool the do something in there, but all there was at the time was the six foot vert wall, and I had no money or desire to build ramps for a day then brake them down, so I just sat on the ideal for a wile. A few months ago, my work bought a bunch of steel decks with a ton of different size legs, and "walla", now I had free ramps/boxes to work with, so I called in Luis Caballero. and Jeff Cadger and we spent a long fun weekend getting this done" -Tommy Blanco

Credit: Tommy Blanco

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