Kane self edit 7

Song: Pink Floyd learning to fly

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JohnMazzulla's videos

  • JohnMazzulla

    8/4/2010 8:17 PM

    i have been riding for 2 years. like learning stuff.

  • mirraco/nike6.0

    8/2/2010 11:06 AM

    not bad how long youv been riding?

  • JohnMazzulla

    7/29/2010 7:08 PM

    thanks man, and yeah i know my camera sucks ha.

  • MrJesseRG

    7/29/2010 11:35 AM

    Great Edit! I wish it wasn't so blurry tho.

  • JohnMazzulla

    7/28/2010 9:07 PM

    I am not being a trendor haha, i have been wearing cut offs since i was a little kid haha.

  • pre-rider15

    7/28/2010 7:16 PM

    Good riding. But please get rid of the cut offs. It doesn't make you look cool. Trenders are gay, Don't be one.

  • mr bmx man#1

    7/28/2010 10:48 AM


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