Kyle Baldock TotalBMX Teaser 11

This clip didn't make the cut for Kyles TotalBMX Video. Coming soon.

Credit: Bret Trigg
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  • sparks

    6/20/2012 8:26 AM

    clips dope. kyles dope. tricks easy.
    - I hope we get to ride together one day. Prob have the best sessions of my life.

  • Sam M

    7/14/2012 4:15 AM

    No doubt Kyle is an amazing rider and one of the best out there. But i reckon riding with him sucks, all he does is pay out on you if you cant do anything sweet, he doesnt even give you any pointers or anything

  • Johnny Deawyler

    6/20/2012 7:42 AM

    WTF! I love watching Kyle ride.

  • SoCalShreds

    6/19/2012 9:23 PM

    still flipping nuts.. i dont see any of you haters doing it.. or even downwhip airs haha.
    the vids gunna be nuts. whens it gunna drop?

  • Flyeagles5

    6/19/2012 9:10 PM

    Kyle baldock always amazes me

  • Bret Trigg

    6/19/2012 3:43 PM

    Kyle knew it wasn't a worlds first. It wasn't Kyle saying its a worlds first. I think the blogger got mixed up....

  • canapobikes

    6/19/2012 10:23 AM

    Word first 2 years after.
    Stop riping of the credits for pulling the tricks.

  • cky199

    6/19/2012 9:20 AM

    god damn nigga!

  • bradfordhuckerpa

    6/19/2012 6:09 AM

    Did anyone else notice he landed to flat like it was nothing. watch the vid without focusing on the trick. Just look how high hes was then watch his feet land like it was nothing. Bmxer's are amazing athletes...

  • bradfordhuckerpa

    6/19/2012 6:07 AM

    kids and their bikes these days

  • TheSaki

    6/19/2012 3:52 AM

    tho zack warden has done them on vert, not sure if the same way tho

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