Lil edit 12

ragner beggining of summer 08

Credit: ragner
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  • Alex ♥

    6/19/2008 8:24 PM

    Keep it up dude
    just bend those knees

  • ragner

    6/7/2008 2:20 AM

    omg do something yourself, and what about my hat? have u better ? idiot

  • bmxfreak1811

    6/6/2008 1:16 PM

    dudee ur ridin a park not playin golf

  • 123don456

    6/6/2008 1:04 PM

    whats wit that hat man? lol

  • kyle31

    6/6/2008 11:14 AM

    i hope your not serious about that hat haha

  • easternrider21

    6/6/2008 8:14 AM

    nice hat


    6/5/2008 2:08 PM

    that park looks so fun

  • thatguywith2wheels

    6/5/2008 1:00 PM

    nice garden gloves!hahaha

  • swwyobmx

    6/5/2008 12:26 PM

    your trying... you need to get WAY higher... your like a foot off the ground on that huge kicker at the beginning... but good job

  • Xx bmxican xX

    6/5/2008 9:28 AM

    nice tuck no hander

  • a Justin

    6/5/2008 5:25 AM

    haha did you just start??
    but nice vid

  • Germain

    6/5/2008 2:29 AM

    Your cancan is hot but you can do nice condor. I don't understand. Nice !

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