My new edit 33

New stuf with my new bike

more videos at

Credit: my girlfriend again ^^
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  • ZaccMann

    12/20/2009 9:53 AM

    i love the way you ride man!

  • bikerider2k8

    9/9/2008 12:45 PM

    yo sweet

  • oreo

    8/24/2008 9:47 AM

    ta video est magnifique cheri je te naimee tellement

  • Base718rooklyn

    8/23/2008 2:35 PM

    i'll just shut the fuck up now

  • Base718rooklyn

    8/23/2008 2:35 PM

    it's still cool thought

  • Base718rooklyn

    8/23/2008 2:35 PM

    maybe it wasn't the bud light lime commercial but i think you know witch one im talkin about

  • Base718rooklyn

    8/23/2008 1:47 PM

    but i still like the mix with the song from the bud light lime commercial what the hell is it called

  • Base718rooklyn

    8/23/2008 1:22 PM

    apples and oranges, bars spins and tailwhips, cant get enough of barspins,
    but too many whips

  • Nick Reilly

    8/22/2008 10:16 AM

    amazing man!!!

  • JustRideBMX

    8/22/2008 8:50 AM

    get sponcered dude

  • subrosaman08

    8/22/2008 5:14 AM

    sick riding man

  • Alex ♥

    8/21/2008 7:28 PM

    Duuuuuuude, that was tits.

  • controversy

    8/21/2008 11:49 AM

    bravo !! super ta video ta vraimen d bon trick tu mérite d'etr sponsorisé !!!

  • sequence

    8/21/2008 5:22 AM

    you make them tailwhips look nice again.. original riding keep it up

  • c0nanbmx

    8/20/2008 1:55 PM

    yo man vid is amazin !

  • wethepeople_bram

    8/20/2008 1:43 PM

    Are you sponsored ?

  • bmxchris256

    8/20/2008 11:32 AM

    man all ur videos are sick

  • Kalew

    8/20/2008 6:34 AM



    8/20/2008 2:49 AM

    Song is Bukowski by Modest Mouse
    Thanks for your coms

  • The_take_biker

    8/20/2008 2:40 AM

    Awsome style and just plain smooth ridin man

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