NASTY JAM 2011 Best Trick Dirt Contest 17

Nasty Jam 2011 was boiled down to the essence of dirt jumping. Go big or go home.

If this is an indication of what to expect in 2011, you'd all better buckle your seat belts. This ride is going to be nuts.

Riders: Cory Nastazio, TJ Ellis, Luke Parslow, Colin Mackay, Jame Foster, Midget Corey, Chris Hughes, Alistair Whitton, Pat Casey, Hucker Mike Clark, Gary Young, Kelly Bolton, Big Daddy, Heath Pinter.

Yes, those were backflip cliffhangers that Hucker was doing.


1. Parlsow: Double backflip turndown.

2. Casey: 360 triple whip.

3. Foster: Truckdriver to double downside whip.

Credit: Justin Kosman

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