Ruben 10

Credit: salvador moreno
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  • mattewell2

    1/28/2011 3:48 PM

    this is amazing. thank you ruben for being such a great influence on me.

  • BmxKtown

    1/28/2011 3:08 PM

    at first it looked like a suicide video lol

  • jham

    1/27/2011 2:21 PM

    when i arrive in heaven, i will be greated by ruben sitting in front of the sickest bowl ever built and him sayin "you gonna follow me?"

  • piclejuice

    1/27/2011 9:55 AM

    No Ruben, Thanks to you! You changed BMX to what it is today. Pollo loco!

  • ~Stolen Boy~

    1/27/2011 8:39 AM

    Ruben is BMX

  • bmxdaddy3

    1/27/2011 1:52 AM

    fuck yeah ruben! thank you!

  • chrisbarness22

    1/26/2011 9:31 PM

    Ruben is boss! I was nervous coz I thought he was hanging up the bike. Definately a guy I looked up to starting out, he had style before it even existed!

  • JonathanAllen

    1/26/2011 9:20 PM

    My fav rider of all time! Thank you Ruben for existing!

  • jimonbike

    1/26/2011 7:46 PM

    no way man, thank you

  • Ben_Beighey

    1/26/2011 7:34 PM

    i think we would all like to thank you by making use want to get in to the sport

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