Ryan Taylor Ain't Playin' 29

Credit: Mike King
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  • Reece Scoter Peakman

    4/24/2011 2:33 AM

    i know ryannn he is bad on a bmxx

  • LeeRidesBikes

    9/22/2010 7:16 AM

    Sweet edit & riding bloke! :D

  • haydos

    9/19/2010 7:28 PM

    yeah ryan flaire bar

  • MrJesseRG

    9/19/2010 1:21 PM

    Great Edit! Ryan vids always seem to have good filming and editing. This guy is way good

  • Alec t. m.

    9/17/2010 11:57 PM

    triple bar catch bar!!!! epic

  • WillderBMX

    9/16/2010 5:48 PM

    oppo double whip was cool and one of the only table flairs i have seen that actually looks like a table

  • Lacon

    9/16/2010 5:39 PM

    fuck yes ryan! amazing riding !

  • Lacon

    9/16/2010 5:38 PM

    fuck yes ryan! amazing riding !

  • kpZebraNorco

    9/15/2010 11:12 PM


  • BradMX

    9/15/2010 4:02 PM

    This guy needs to be on the Dew Tour!

  • brenden_selby

    9/15/2010 2:04 PM


  • kinkbmx1997

    9/15/2010 2:01 PM

    im in love

  • just jeff

    9/15/2010 12:05 PM

    SO FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!!!

  • jimonbike

    9/15/2010 11:33 AM

    love the triple truck , the whole video was sickk

  • TheSaki

    9/15/2010 9:55 AM

    sooo good! especially loved the invert flair!

  • Mark Salvin

    9/15/2010 9:03 AM

    what the fuck, he is KILLING it!! and with style too. the filming and editing is awesome as always too with mike

  • dom turtle

    9/15/2010 7:51 AM

    Oppo double whip :O

  • brandon christie

    9/15/2010 5:31 AM

    RT can deff do whatever he wants on that bicycle

  • chrisbarness22

    9/15/2010 5:24 AM


  • rodolphe.legendre

    9/15/2010 3:58 AM


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