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  • hbjessejames

    9/16/2008 8:18 AM

    Super nice man!!! Smooooth

  • nicholasyo

    9/5/2008 1:19 PM


  • justridebikes

    9/4/2008 8:22 PM

    ^^ i agree.nice moves that was unexpected

  • jessejfbmx09

    9/4/2008 5:54 PM

    you look like napolian dynamite which made this video so epic

  • BernaBMX16

    9/4/2008 5:48 PM

    damn man that is nice
    i wish i could do whips lol

  • respectbmxforlife

    9/2/2008 4:12 PM

    weres the trucks nic

  • washbmx

    9/2/2008 1:57 PM

    Everything is on lockdown!

  • Maximilus

    9/1/2008 11:06 AM

    vive le québec !!!!

  • Plaidboy2291

    9/1/2008 10:15 AM

    tech deff i like it

  • Zelly

    9/1/2008 5:47 AM

    i mean if i could do one

  • Zelly

    9/1/2008 5:47 AM

    nice man
    you've got em dialed. i dont know what justridebmx is saying, cause i would die for a tailwhip lol

  • ginobmx1

    9/1/2008 12:21 AM

    yoo your good
    was all smooth as well nice one

  • Satanismycopilot

    8/31/2008 11:40 PM

    dude how the fuck do u do that?!!!!

    haha seriously

  • lilpatqb10

    8/31/2008 11:30 PM


  • tibug

    8/31/2008 7:35 PM

    Wow that cassette is freakin loud....nice.

    Sweet riding...I don't know what that one dude is talking about...whips are annoying? They annoy the shit out of me...cuz I can't do them lol. Seriously though...that's just stupid. I guess JustRideBMX will never progress beyond rotations and barspins because tailwhips annoy sad...not.


    8/31/2008 7:10 PM

    dialeddddd as fuck dude

  • Luke Dunham

    8/31/2008 7:08 PM

    ^Its funny your display name is JustRideBMX, yet you criticize this dude who is obviously riding his bike and having fun with it. People like you are annoying.

  • JustRideBMX

    8/31/2008 6:41 PM

    do more 180s and barspins
    the whips are annoying

  • blacklabelo13

    8/31/2008 6:33 PM


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