street bmx 17

street bmx -- mauricio de colombia

Credit: mauricio
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mev_street's videos

  • Cachalote

    12/21/2009 2:57 PM

    Bestia!!! de lo mejor q ehh visto de mi pais!!!

  • thatmitchkid

    2/26/2009 1:47 AM

    Sweeeet man...

  • KyleGunz

    6/17/2008 10:05 PM


  • Papi Dan

    6/5/2008 3:13 PM

    Oye eso kedo bueno sigan pateando culos jajaja

  • kinkbiker

    6/3/2008 2:12 PM

    that was sick

  • vonnobmx

    6/2/2008 4:37 AM

    thats a sick vid

  • gimmickbmx

    6/1/2008 11:41 PM

    great riding by the way

  • gimmickbmx

    6/1/2008 11:41 PM

    hey abrohs i dont think they even have rails in colombia lol

  • We are going to die!

    6/1/2008 9:02 PM

    eso es todo dude!
    arriva el bmx latino americano!

  • bmxchris256

    5/31/2008 11:02 AM

    nice riding man wish i could spin both directions

  • freecoaster bmx

    5/31/2008 10:43 AM

    nice riding. the whip in the rain, now thats the one!! cool no else posts that stuff.

  • diegorubeus

    5/31/2008 10:42 AM


  • millerky

    5/31/2008 10:08 AM

    damn your a beast

  • Number 911 2

    5/31/2008 8:03 AM

    abrons i dont know if u just tawlked shit before waching it or what but this kids fucking good and probly better than u

  • abrohs

    5/31/2008 7:45 AM

    grind some rails. YOU WONT

  • louis12

    5/31/2008 6:36 AM

    nice !

  • konios

    5/31/2008 12:42 AM


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