Drew Bezanson - 2009 Power Hour
Drew Bezanson - 2009 Power Hour 0

Can you believe this was over ten years ago? Drew Bezanson is a beast!

Forrest Holland's New Zealand Experience

New Zealand is about as far away as you can get from Salt Lake City and it certainly looks like Forrest Holland made the most of his time there.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/20/2020 10:55 AM

No Corran - Colombia Mixtape 1

20+ minutes of raw street riding on the streets of Colombia courtesy of Vital BMX member Jorge Cuenca. Awesome spots and authentic BMX riding!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/19/2020 9:31 PM

Bike Check: SchrammBamm's Flybikes Three Amigos 4 4

Here's a blast from the past for ya. Believe it or not, this frame is 17-years-old! Vital BMX member SchrammBamm recently cleaned this thing up and rebuilt it. Good as new!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/19/2020 9:13 PM

Cody Pollard and Wilton Hedley in Aeterna

Split part from LUXBMX's Aeterna featuring plenty of bowl roasting and roof drops.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/19/2020 12:26 PM

Mike Hoder Bike Check

Hoder recently hit his signature S&M BTM frame with a couple of updates. Check out his current bike and a couple of clips of him putting it to work.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/19/2020 12:04 PM

Sean Burns Severely Injured; Fundraiser Started for Recovery 2

BMX legend Sean Burns went down hard earlier this week and sustained some horrific injuries in the process.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/18/2020 11:48 AM

Daniel Wedemeijer on Mongoose 1

Dutch shredder Daniel Wedemeijer is now representing Mongoose through one of the brand's European distributors, 24/7.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/18/2020 11:28 AM

Jaie Toohey Discusses the Tailwhip to Nothing Front Bikeflip

Jaie Toohey recently shocked the BMX world with a wild new combo - a tailwhip to nothing front bikeflip! We caught up with Jaie to learn about what went into this trick, where else he can take it, and everything else he has in the pipeline. Check it -

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/18/2020 10:10 AM

Bike Check: svtesorodsy667 Hardway V2 1 1

FBM may have stepped away from making bikes, but there are still plenty of awesome builds out there. Vital BMX member svtesorodsy667's Hardway V2 is one of the finest!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/17/2020 12:48 PM

Brandon Begin in Barcelona

Proper peg use in BMX's mecca courtesy of the always-entertaining Brandon Begin.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/17/2020 12:34 PM

Alex Hiam in Aeterna 1

Pretty much everything Alex does on his bike makes no sense. He has that seemingly unattainable level of bike control that is virtually impossible to even comprehend. Watch this and prepare to have your mind blown!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/16/2020 12:53 PM

Product: Kink Global Stealth Seat

A new seat from the good people at Kink. Indulge!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/15/2020 12:21 PM

Bike Check: mcharlesdevlin555's Fit VHS 1 5

Vital BMX member mcharlesdevlin555 claims this bike is a tribute to Van Homan, Chris Doyle, and Brian Foster. Respect.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/15/2020 12:02 PM

Kenneth Tencio - Bangers and Olympic Mentality

Kenneth Tencio has been riding like a man possessed as of late. Watch some of his insane new moves and learn about his fine-tuned mentality leading into the 2020 Olympics!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/15/2020 11:25 AM

lairdframe #500 Winner! 2

Congrats to Luke Jacobsma (@thefitmodel on Instagram) on winning lairdframe #500!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/13/2020 4:18 PM

Clint Reynolds - Woods Wednesday

Clint Reynolds makes BMX look good, but you should already know that. Watch some dirt clips with some bonus action from his bowl and the Black Pearl in Grand Cayman.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/12/2020 10:53 PM

Hyper Jam 2020 = POSTPONED

The 2020 Hyper Jam at Asylum has officially been postponed due to the coronavirus situation. Stay tuned for a new date!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/6/2020 7:19 PM

Mexico National Championship Highlights

Mexico's finest shredding some big ramps at their recent National Championship featuring Kevin Peraza, Victor Peraza, Netzer Parada, and more.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/12/2020 11:15 AM

FISE: Hiroshima 2020 = POSTPONED

Due to the current coronavirus situation, FISE: Hiroshima 2020 will not be taking place as initially planned.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/12/2020 10:44 AM

Stu Chisholm on BSD

If you've been to Source Park, chances are you saw Stu completely shutting it down. Well, Stu has officially partnered with BSD and decided to tailwhip something gnarly to make it official.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/11/2020 2:44 PM

Bike Check: resotek's Kink Cloud 2 4

Travis Hughes' signature complete bike from Kink spotted in the wild.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/11/2020 2:38 PM

Golden Days - Fight The Sleep

The Golden Days shop crew - Jeff Wescott, Lahsaan Kobza, Charles LittleJohn, Poor Homie Rich, Ryan Mills, and ringleader Nate Richter take it to the Las Vegas streets. Solid riding from a bunch of dudes we don't see enough of!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/11/2020 1:49 PM

Dan Coller and Casey Starling in Austin

An awesome day of BMX in ATX starring Kink dudes Dan Coller and Casey Starling.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/11/2020 10:47 AM

Win lairdframe #500!

We've teamed up with Mike Laird to give lairdframe #500 away! The winner will pick all of the frame's specs. Get details inside!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/10/2020 3:09 PM

X Games: Shanghai = CANCELLED 4

The unfortunate coronavirus continues to effect the BMX world. Official statement inside.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/10/2020 12:13 PM

Ryan Guzman - Double Flair No Hander 1

We already knew that Ryan Guzman owned the double flair, but this just takes it to a whole new level. WOW!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/10/2020 11:04 AM

Kink 2020 Spring / Summer Apparel

Kink just dropped their entire new apparel catalog. Once again, the dudes over there really crushed it with this drop!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/9/2020 2:17 PM

Fast and Loose Trailer 2

The Fast and Loose video is nearly upon us! Watch the official preview featuring Jason Watts, Matt Cordova, Kris Fox, Corey Walsh, and Cody Pollard and prepare for the official premiere at Swampfest!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/9/2020 11:13 AM

With Frame #500 on the Horizon, Mike Laird talks Lairdframe 2

Six years ago, former pro rider Mike Laird embarked on a journey to build high-end BMX frames. Fast forward to today and Mike's 500th frame is on the horizon! We caught up with Mike to follow up on where he's at, lessons he's learned, bringing titanium into the mix, and what his future holds.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/9/2020 5:22 AM

Bike Check: dead goon's Stranger RPG 9 5

Front brakes only!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/8/2020 2:22 PM

Jaie Toohey - Tailwhip to Nothing Front Bikeflip 1

Absolutely insane trick by Jaie Toohey. This is mind-blowing!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/8/2020 1:21 PM

Cam Peake in Arizona

The UK's Cam Peake travels to the USA's desert to throw down some technical magic in this new one from Mongoose. The hang five at Chandler may be the best hang five ever done...

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/7/2020 1:40 PM

Zdenda Pešek Shredding Skateparks 1

I saw Czech shredder Zdenda Pešek ride at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Germany this past year and my mind was blown. This dude is ridiculously good. This new video gives you a taste of what he's all about and it's definitely worth a watch. Hit it!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/6/2020 9:53 AM

Nick Bruce Talks New Warehouse, Olympics, Progression, Veganism, and More 5

We caught up with Nick Bruce at his brand new private facility - The Brewhouse - to discuss the influence it's already had on his riding, his Olympic journey, what he's up to off the bike, being a crazy vegan, and much more.

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/5/2020 1:54 PM

Kink - Champagne (FULL VIDEO!) 2

Full sections from Nathan Williams, Travis Hughes, Dan Coller, Calvin Kosovich, Chad Osburn, Hobie Doan, and Agustin Gutierrez. Video mastery by Darryl Tocco. This is the full video! Press play!

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/4/2020 11:33 PM

Adrian Kölz in Porto

Tech moves in Porto, Portugal courtesy of Adrian Kölz. This dude hits his pegs in plenty of places that it isn't expected...

Posted by kylecarlson on 3/2/2020 8:46 PM