Who Is Going to The Olympics? 1

After FISE: Chengdu and the UCI Urban World Championships, we have a much clearer picture of who is going to Tokyo. Check out the lineup!

Broc Raiford - Walkways 1

Broc Raiford brings the fire to Southern California's finest sidewalk spots in this amazing new video from Odyssey. Do not miss this!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/22/2019 11:00 AM

Matty Cranmer Bike Check

Matty Cranmer is a bright young man, so it only makes sense that his bike is equally bright. Matty took a Tall Order 215 frame in his signature Matt Yellow colorway and laced it up with a bunch of copper, chrome, and even rainbow parts. Does it work? Well, he thinks it does. Take an up-close look and decide for yourself!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/22/2019 10:00 AM

Justin Dowell: What Changed?

Two years ago, Justin Dowell was good, but he wasn't great. He was just another kid riding at an above-average level who had never seen a final in a major contest. Today, Justin is the UCI World Champion, the winner of the last FISE stop, and the number one ranked rider in the United States. Seriously. What changed? We caught up with Justin to find out.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/19/2019 7:30 PM


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Clint Millar's 45th Birthday 1

Clint Millar is one of the coolest guys in the world. Seriously. He's got an awesome bike company, an awesome dog, an awesome ramp, and he's still killing it at 45! Watch this and start planning for your future!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/19/2019 2:01 PM

Egor Vlasov in Sochi, Russia 1

This is a really, really, really weird video, but it definitely features some good riding and some pretty awesome spots in a city we really don't see much from.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/19/2019 1:49 PM

Cinema Fall / Winter 2019 Softgoods

Cinema just dropped a bunch of fresh softgoods to celebrate that the Earth continues to spin and seasons continue to change. This batch even features a tribute to Chad Kerley's love for Flamin' Hot Cheetos! Hit their site, check out the new line, and pick up a few.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/18/2019 9:09 PM

Bike Check: Northeastern25's Fit VHS 5

Vital BMX member Northeastern25 has one of these awesome Fit Van Homan frames. Van's bike got stolen a few days ago and he doesn't even have one anymore! Really cool, interesting build.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/17/2019 9:05 PM

Eastern at Woodward

Eastern dudes Kenneth Tencio, Robbie Taylor, Josh Roberson, and Austin Stevens enjoy a few days of shredding at Pennsylvania's BMX mecca.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/17/2019 8:54 PM

No Medals? No Women at X Games! Nina Buitrago Explains the Boycott 18

Women BMX riders have been included in X Games for a number of years, but never in formal competition and never with the opportunity to take home one of those illustrious medals that so many of us have dreamed about one day clenching. According to BMX OG Nina Buitrago, the demo days are done and the ladies won't be returning until they get what they want!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/16/2019 11:41 PM

Brandon Begin for Fit

Signature Begin style on a bunch of creative spots in this new one from Fit. El Toro lives on!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/16/2019 4:09 PM

Bike Check: mcharlesdevlin555's Fit Harti 3

This started out as a Harti TRL complete, but quickly transformed into something even better! Same frame, but now with Credence bars, a Tree seat, a Colony Wasp hub, and more. Check it...

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/16/2019 10:05 AM

Peter Fortson - Old Man in the Streets

Vital BMX member Peter_Fortson may be 40-years-old, but he's still killing it harder than most riders half of his age. Watch the old dog throw down in the streets in this new one!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/15/2019 10:58 PM

S&M in Seattle

Over thirteen minutes of madness from Seattle featuring S&M dudes Mike Hoder, Kareem Williams, Dave Krone, Craig Passero, Charlie Crumlish, Andrew Schubert, and a bunch of locals. This video has everything from dirt riding, to street riding, to naked people riding really weird bikes. Seriously.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/15/2019 10:49 PM

PJ Martini for Volume

Tech fire from French shredder PJ Martini in the name of Volume fresh off a serious knee surgery.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/15/2019 10:36 PM

Jack Maguire's 900 Tailwhip

INSANITY at NASS! Not pulled perfectly, but he's clearly got the skills to make it happen. This is nuts.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/14/2019 11:21 PM

Kink Titan II Frame - New Colors

The Kink Titan II frame is now available in a bunch of new colors! You've got options. Options are good.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/13/2019 8:27 PM

Cam Girvin on Fit

Been stoked on Cam's riding for a while now and am excited to see that Fit swooped him up. Watch this awesome video and rejoice at the fact that this hopefully means more from him in the not-so-distant future!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/13/2019 8:08 PM

16-Year-Old Sean Curliss at Woodward West

Sean Curliss is waaaaay better at riding than he is at doing school work. Algebra is important, but so are flairwhips. Watch the kid get down at Woodward West!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/13/2019 3:14 PM

Bike Check: svtesorodsy667's FBM Hardway V2 3

Black FBM Hardway V2 frame built up with tan Primo tires and grips. The brown Fiend seat caps this build off well!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/13/2019 3:05 PM

Greg Masson's Summerr Edit

Three riders shredding skateparks in France over three days courtesy of Vital BMX member greg masson.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/13/2019 3:00 PM

Mark Webb in 2011

This video is over nine-years-old and is packed full of tricks that still aren't being done today. To say Mark Webb's skills were before their time would be a huge understatement. He was one of the best at innovation in 2011 and continues to be one of the best today!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/12/2019 11:11 AM

Trey Jones - Wild Child 1

Amazing Trey Jones-esque riding courtesy of Trey Jones himself! Super creative moves on some super creative street and park setups in Arizona.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/11/2019 11:12 PM

Road to Paradise with Peraza, Horneman, Tryon

Kevin Peraza, Victor Peraza, Bryce Tryon, Alec Danelutti, Brock Horneman, Jack Borthwick, Jakeb Dugdell, and Sam Gibson travel from NorCal to Mexico and ride a bunch of parks along the way.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/11/2019 11:45 PM

Forum: Physics in BMX 12

Forum members discuss a bunch of really complicated BMX scenarios in the terms if physics. If you're brilliant, get in here and drop some knowledge!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/11/2019 11:31 PM

Bike Check: Mkingdon's BSD Freedom 2

Kriss Kyle's newest signature frame from BSD built up with almost all BSD and Primo parts. Two pegs, no brakes, good times.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/11/2019 11:26 PM

Tuan Duong at Woodward Copper

Solid riding from one of the lesser-covered Woodward locations. Watch Colorado shredder Tuan Duong get to work at his local paradise.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/11/2019 11:20 PM

Product: Cinema Martinez Stem

If it's good enough for Corey Martinez, it's good enough for anyone!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/10/2019 6:38 PM

Tyler Veatch on Sunday

Tyler was added to Sunday's flow team last year, but everything is now officially official with this bangin' video. The bar to ice is alive and well!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/10/2019 6:20 PM

SHIMMER - Dakota Roche, Ty Morrow, and More

Fourteen minutes of insane street riding and high quality video work coming your way courtesy of Calvin Kosovich and Vans. Riders include Dakota Roche, Ty Morrow, Andrew Castaneda, Sean Ricany, Travis Hughes, Bruno Hoffmann, and Calvin himself. Do not miss this!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/10/2019 11:01 AM

Dan Smith's First BMX Video

Ever see a fufanu to toothpick before? Dan Smith delivers that - and a whole bunch of other awesome moves - in what is actually his first-ever BMX video. That gap to rail is serious!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/9/2019 10:56 AM

Bike Check: KhoaVan228's Hyper Wizard 2 3

Jet fuel Hyper Wizard frame built up with a bunch of black Kink parts. According to KhoaVan228, this thing is a work in progress, but it's already looking sweet.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/9/2019 10:47 AM

Josh Clemens Leaves Volume / Demolition

After seven years of working together, Josh Clemens is parting ways with Volume / Demolition. Read his official statement inside.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/9/2019 10:40 AM

Sean Sexton in Safety First - Kink Cold Cuts

Sean Sexton is timeless! Throw it back to his first major video part in Kink's Safety First in this newest episode of Cold Cuts.

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/9/2019 10:25 AM

Sunday 2020 Bike Release Jam Highlights

Sunday brought the whole team to SoCal to celebrate the release of their 2020 complete bikes. Watch highlights of Aaron Ross, Erik Elstran, Alec Siemon, and the rest of the boys shredding the Full Factory ramps!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/9/2019 10:12 AM

Nick Bruce Broke his Face! He's OK, Though... 1

Nick Bruce's bad X Games luck continued into the 2019 Boise qualifier where a nasty crash left him with multiple fractures in his face. We caught up with Nick to see how his recovery is going and when he'll be back!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/8/2019 11:42 AM

Mason Bess in Black and White

Mason Bess aka Vital BMX member masonception comes through with some solid riding in grayscale. Big respect to the footjam double whip!

Posted by kylecarlson on 7/6/2019 1:37 PM