Brandon Loupos in 2016 0

In 2020, Brandon Loupos has won almost every contest known to man - from taking X Games gold and the UCI World Championship, to even winning over $90,000 at the Chimera A-Side. In 2016, Brandon didn't have any of the accolades, but it was clear he was well on his way. We caught up with Brandon at Clairemont in San Diego for one hour of shredding. Watch this to see a small glimpse into his road to success!

Brad Simms Interview 16

Brad Simms is flat-out incredible on a BMX bike, and those skills have taken him around the world over the past year. Check out what he has to say in his Vital BMX interview.

Posted by Losey on 9/4/2008 7:21 AM

Colin Mackay Interview

Colin Mackay has an interview up on Shoe G's site. It's mostly in Japanese, but there's some English in there as well. Check it out!

Posted by kylecarlson on 9/3/2008 9:32 PM

Jan Beckmann Video 13

This guy grinds a pretty serious rail with his feet off. It's awesome.

Posted by kylecarlson on 9/1/2008 10:15 PM

Cleon And The Enforcers Invade Cali Video 7

Check out this videos of Phoenix, AZ locals Clean Akoh-Arrey, Bobby Kanode, Mike Vacula, and a few others riding street in SoCal.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/31/2008 9:08 PM

Member Photo: Josh Boyd Turndown 6

An awesome photo of the legendary Boyd cranking a turndown in the NW.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/31/2008 3:06 PM

Southwest Mix Video 29

Alex Auerbach has been collecting some great footage for this beauty. Good stuff.

Posted by Losey on 8/31/2008 9:37 AM

New Madera Site

Check out the newly redesigned Madera site for a Jeff Kocsis edit and a bunch team news.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/30/2008 2:10 PM

Fresh Video: Double Ditch Jam 2008 26

This jam has become known for great riding and crazy crashes, and the '08 installment was just as crazy.

Posted by Losey on 8/30/2008 4:14 AM

New Snafu Site Launches

Snafu has officially been in BMX for ten years and their new site launched earlier today. Check it out!

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/30/2008 1:12 AM

Product Blog: Volume Pivotal

An up close look at Volume's new pivotal.

Posted by kylecarlson on 8/30/2008 12:49 AM

Animal's Ralph Sinisi Interview 16

We asked Ralph Sinisi what it's like running Animal, and what keeps him and the team fired up to keep the company moving forward.

Posted by Losey on 8/28/2008 4:50 AM

Win a Session with Morgan Wade & More 30

Levi's and Tilly's are bringing you a contest to win a session with Morgan Wade, a complete custom bike, and a $200 gift card.

Posted by Losey on 8/27/2008 8:09 AM

Levi's Clip of the Week: Morgan How-To 24

This is not your typical lip trick, but at the same time, Morgan Wade is not your typical rider.

Posted by Losey on 8/26/2008 4:26 AM

Dew Tour Photo Special 119

Click through to see tons of Dew Tour Park, Dirt, and Vert photos. Look for the Dirt and Vert pics on the Photo page).

Posted by Losey on 8/24/2008 6:03 PM

Adam Banton Bike Check 54

Adam Banton breaks down everything about his Eastern Grim Reaper and works some cement parks.

Posted by Losey on 8/22/2008 8:44 AM

The Press List: Jamie Bestwick 42

Vital BMX members sent in questions and Jamie was happy to come through with nonstop comedy. Watch the bloopers, too.

Posted by Losey on 8/21/2008 1:36 AM

Inside Hoffman Bikes 11

What's it like to run a company in BMX? It's all about air time, but maybe a bit too much in planes. HB's Mark Owen tells all.

Posted by Losey on 8/20/2008 5:08 AM

Levi's Clip of the Week: Nathan Bike Check 57

Nathan Williams gives you a tour of his street machine. This bike can take some serious street abuse, that's for sure.

Posted by Losey on 8/19/2008 6:50 AM

Joel Pierazek Video 72

Florida rider with original lines and great street and park tricks. This is fun to watch.

Posted by Losey on 8/17/2008 6:21 AM

Video Tour: Empire BMX 50

A rad tour of Empire in Austin, TX, along with tons of incredible riding from the shop's mini ramp.

Posted by Losey on 8/15/2008 7:43 AM

First Look: Rich Hirsch's Subrosa 27

Rich Hirsch and Ryan Sher give you the inside details on Rich's new signature bike from Subrosa.

Posted by Losey on 8/13/2008 7:08 AM

Levi's Clip of the Week: Video Update 23

Corey Martinez and Dakota Roche talk about the upcoming Levi's video along with some great riding clips (including Nathan Williams).

Posted by Losey on 8/12/2008 7:16 AM

Clint Millar Interview 40

From super-tech riding and running a business in BMX, Clint Millar has all bases covered.

Posted by Losey on 8/11/2008 6:56 AM

Levi's Team Demo at Tilly's 37

Jamie Bestwick, Morgan Wade, Dakota Roche, Brett Walker, Nathan Williamns, Ron Thomas, and Zack Warden rip some ramps to pieces.

Posted by Losey on 8/10/2008 11:23 AM

X Games Highlight Video 25

BMX Street, Super Park, Big Air, and Vert highlights from the Summer X Games.

Posted by Losey on 8/9/2008 2:28 PM

Rob Armour Video 53

Rob Armour is making a big name for himself these days. Name a big park trick and it's most likely in this video. Good stuff.

Posted by Losey on 8/9/2008 6:21 AM

Soul Bowl 2008 Video 31

Chad Kagy, Steve McCann, Joe Rich, Dave Voelker, Jay Eggleston, and more vert bowl blasters.

Posted by Losey on 7/28/2008 3:11 PM

Sessions with Ben Hucke 50

A rad video filmed with Ben Hucke in one day. Skatepark and street moves? Check.

Posted by Losey on 7/27/2008 8:00 AM

Two By Four Video Premiere 24

Van Homan hosts a behind-the-scenes look at the Two by Four BMX video premiere.

Posted by Losey on 7/26/2008 6:03 AM

Core Series Skatepark Video 57

Australians kill it on park, so you know what to expect from a BMX park contest video from down under.

Posted by Losey on 7/25/2008 2:29 PM

Ryan Nyquist Bike Check 53

Ryan shreds his ramps and gives you the rundown of every part on his bike.

Posted by Losey on 7/24/2008 6:07 AM

Little Caleb and Ryan Sher Video 46

Little Caleb and Ryan Sher show you how to have a blast in cement parks, along with a few guest appearances.

Posted by Losey on 7/23/2008 6:23 AM

Levi's Clip of the Week: 360-Bunnyhop 47

Dakota Roche teaches you how to 360-bunnyhop on flat ground. Get your spin on.

Posted by Losey on 7/22/2008 7:57 AM

Dew Tour Round 2 Photo Special 117

40 photos from the Cleveland Dew Tour featuring Dhers, Spinner, Robinson, Napolitan, Mast, Nyquist, Darden, and more.

Posted by Losey on 7/20/2008 6:50 PM

Levi's Clip of the Week: Corey's Crib 60

Corey Martinez gives you the tour of his crib in Alabama. Special guest appearance by Seth Kimbrough.

Posted by Losey on 7/1/2008 10:36 AM

Photo Special: Freestylin' Launch 11

This party for the launch of the Freestylin' book was nuts. Dominguez, Fiola, Blyther, Wilkerson, Hoffman, Anderson--packed!

Posted by Losey on 6/30/2008 10:55 AM