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well here it is all put together but I'm sad to say that it is already gone it seems my nephew liked it a whole lot more than i did so i let him take it as an early christmas present i'll have to stick with my model c for now, all ... more »
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this is the result of people getting tired of answering the which complete bike should i get question ! funny thing is i actually learned something so for that i say thank you, and yes i would do this

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Well I just want to say thanks again for the help, I ordered a 2018 Shovelhead this morning so hopefully I can be riding by this weekend . I’ll post a pic or two once I get it together .

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i have been checking out the eastern bikes as suggested , im liking the 2017 eastern shovelhead it seems to have everything you guys have suggested unless i am missing something, its on sale so the price looks good but that don't mean much if there are ... more »

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first off thank you for al the info and suggestions it is greatly appreciated, it looks like the hoffman bama ticks off most of the boxes and it is a decent price so that looks to be what im going to go with i just can't seem to find a dealer or online ... more »

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Ok , looking to pick up a new complete 20” in the 350-500 dollar range if possible , I’m new to bmx and at 41 been out awhile to say the least I bought a model c recently but would like a 20” as well, I’m 5’6” tall and weigh about 205 , I was looking ... more »

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sorry to ask some newb questions was just wanting to get some opinions on the 2018 model c complete, as far as me i have ridden mountain bikes in the past and enjoyed them but i have not rode for about 3 years, im 41 5'6" and 205lbs and honestly know ... more »

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