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bullet for my valentine atreyu all that lol yea when i ride i listen i thikn it helps me aye?

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salt hubs are algood im running a salt front and rear hub on my we the people and theres nothing wrong with them still running smoth

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haha fuk that frames waisted what were u doing when it snapped?

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hahah on my old mtb frame i used a sand blaster to, gets it of realy good, also yea a acid bath, butt i dnt think u will find 1 of them i a hard ware store. try going to a panel beaters or a car paint shop they normaly have shit that u could

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deff etnies

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just stick with the normal hubs. dnt cheat lol cause if u think bout it when u fakie u will b cheating lol

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this is my new bike a 09 wtp trust rate it out of 10

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25 and 9 i reckon is the best to go

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Hey bro, thanks for the add, nice setup you got their. Peace

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supp im mark and i ride a 09 wtp trust tell me what u think of it:D

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hey man i brought a 09 wtp trust and its realy good.. havent regreted it eva since. real nice to ride aye