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Im 15 my mom has spinal stenosis, does that mean that i am going to get it? My lower back i can deffinately feel when im riding but yea... wat do you think.

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Frame-Fit Wifi Bars-Shadow Vultus Grips-Stolen Loot Barends-Animal Plastic Cranks-Stolen 22 Forks-Shadow Vultus Sprocket-Cult Member v2 Stem-Primo Anyalater v2 TL Rims-Odyssey Hazard Lite Hubs- Back:BSD Back Street FA Front: BSD Front Street FA Spokes-Primo ... more »

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I have 8.375 rise bars bolted up to a topload, if I went to frontload, what would be the same, maybe a bit more.

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does anybody know what hub guards will fit these?front and back, mainly back though?

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Added reply in a thread How long did it take you to learn basic tricks? 5/7/2013 4:54 PM

You know man, to be 100% honest, I learned 180s the second day I started trying them. Then 360 tire taps the next week.

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Okay I can get 360 tire taps perfect every time, but I cannot get the full spin, I am trying to tuck but I don't think I am, any tips?

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Added a comment about video 2 days in nipomo 4/26/2013 8:39 PM

Where are those dirt jumps at 1:40

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Does anybody have a pic of a black frame with black or red rims,white walls or not, idc chrome forks, chrome bars, and red cranks, if you have red rims, if black, then just black cranks

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I ride left foot forward Spin left would grind left, so what am i?

Started new thread FBM Hub Guards? 4/15/2013 10:24 PM

I just wanna know if it is universal, if not, do you know of any universal hub guards non-drive side(besides G-sport Gland)

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