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I have a pc, and have the same problem. tried it at 720, and sd too. that made no difference.

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Just booked my hotel!

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My friend is going to take his daughter to urban roots next Friday. He was telling me about the lay out , and sounds like fun. Do you know what part of Wi you would be moving to?

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Can I ask who's making it for you?

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Both Rays, and 4 seasons kick ass. there is also one in Wauwautosa at hart park. One on the corner of S 84th street, and W National ave in West Allis. Both cities are known as Milwaukee. You could also check out the neighborhood skatepark in Warrens ... more »

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If only they kept Radical Rick I would have never stopped my subscription.

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Get a 28 tooth sprocket, and you'll need a longer chain for then too. But in all honesty you should keep saving up for a better bike than to put money into this one.

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Mine has been good over a year now. Did you make sure there was no grease on your steer tube before putting the stem on? Now that your steer tube is ovalized you might have to get a new fork.

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RF 1 day 12 push down and enter. RF 9 day 5 push down and enter. RF 10 day 7 push up and enter.

Started new thread road fools hidden easter eggs? 4/5/2015 8:34 PM

Has any one found any of the hidden easter eggs on the road fools box set ? I looked a little today on the first disc, but ran out of time.

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I'm sure if you look it up on youtube there will be tons of videos.

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In Mat Hoffmans book he talks about not doing drugs. How he just has fun being weird. That's how my riding friends and I still are 20 + years riding together. In Eddie Romans' BMX video Ride On, he talks about why he doesn't drink or do drugs. I'm not ... more »

Morgan Wade left a comment 2/24/2013 12:13 AM

Thanks man, I really appreciate that!

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I just read the article in ride UK about your thoughts on religion. I have to say that i think it takes major gut s to talk about your believes in the BMX industry. It's funny that the article came out when it did, because about a week before I got it my wife, and I were talking about my recent lack faith. She told me that it bothered her. I told her I wish I felt differently, but I just can't lie to myself about it. So it was good to hear that someone that studies the bible more than I ever have questions their faith from time to time. Hopefully soon I will truly believe, and be back on track. I just wanted to thank you for agreeing to answer the questions in that article. It made me feel better.

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This. ^

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I still ride that frame. I had weighed 240 for the fist 3 years of riding it I'm down to 205 now. Mine is still good as new aside from allot of scratches. I love the geo, and it' a post weld heat treated frame. IMO It's a great frame I don't know why ... more »

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The Jerk

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Another thing you could try is brakes have 2 different thickness"washers". Lets just call them washers, because I'm not sure what the name is for them. The concave washers are the 2 thicknesses that the cone washers bump up to that allow you to adjust ... more »

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This . In the late 80's I lost 2 balls for my rear hub. I ran it for years after that. I just took it apart cleaned the hub and bearings and regreased it about every 6 months. I still have that hub today on my 1986 redline.