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watch some youtube videos on it. there is no shortage of them. Spend the money on tools instead if you don't have them already.

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Will do !

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If you're looking for some older guys to ride with. Hit me up. We typically ride Thursday, and Sunday nights during the winter @ gbaso in Green bay. During the summer there's two wheel Tuesday @ tallulah. There's always a ton of bikes there about 5 guys ... more »

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Wtb fit high top stem v1 in copper, or black. 49mm reach. Not beat up please.

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my friends busting my balls about my ridding.

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I've already have a trip planed to Rays mtb park or I'd probalby be in, but how do you set that up? I've always wondered.

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I'm want the frame, but it will take me a couple of weeks to get the money saved up.

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How much for the frame shipped to Wisconsin?

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Killer looking bike dude

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Thanks, man. The last 2 years the older riders have been coming out of the woodwork around here. it has gotten easier to find each other because of the indoor skatepark in Green Bay. every one that wants to ride during the winter really only has one ... more »

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I've spent nearly 10 years finding older riders to ride with. there were times when I didn't have any one to ride with. People came, and went. Some of them came back. I'm at the point were I finally have a good solid 4 dudes to ride with. Some times ... more »

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I have a pc, and have the same problem. tried it at 720, and sd too. that made no difference.

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Just booked my hotel!

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My friend is going to take his daughter to urban roots next Friday. He was telling me about the lay out , and sounds like fun. Do you know what part of Wi you would be moving to?

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Can I ask who's making it for you?

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Both Rays, and 4 seasons kick ass. there is also one in Wauwautosa at hart park. One on the corner of S 84th street, and W National ave in West Allis. Both cities are known as Milwaukee. You could also check out the neighborhood skatepark in Warrens ... more »

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If only they kept Radical Rick I would have never stopped my subscription.

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Get a 28 tooth sprocket, and you'll need a longer chain for then too. But in all honesty you should keep saving up for a better bike than to put money into this one.

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Mine has been good over a year now. Did you make sure there was no grease on your steer tube before putting the stem on? Now that your steer tube is ovalized you might have to get a new fork.