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Just 1 park in my area is like that, but my friends, and I are in our 40s. So every one pretty much leaves us alone. I was talking to a guy in his late teens early 20s at my LBS last weekend about that park. He's never been there because of all the fights, ... more »

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Currently there is no word on whether Summer X Games has gotten the green light. If it is held, the event will move to a new location in 2021, as ESPN’s contract with Minneapolis ran from 2017 to 2020. Prior to that, the summer iteration was held in ... more »

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Where in WI are you going? I made a list on google maps of all the skateparks in the state. I worked om it for a couple of years, and I don't think I missed any. Even the tiny ones that most riders would pass up. ... more »

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It's one of my favorite seats I ever had. I'm thinking about getting their new cranks they came out with for it too.

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slowly getting parts together for my next build.

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Nice! I just started riding flat a couple of weeks ago. Picked me up a rant 0 offset fork from flatland fuel just to give it a try. This last week has been so cold. Glad to be doing flat in the garage

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I know how lucky I am. I rode for years with 2 other guys, and about 5 years ago people started coming out of every where. We range from about 18 to over 50 years old, The last few years we've become more organized. Setting up jams, and regular riding ... more »

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I'm stoked on being pumped!

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I'm currently collecting parts for a custom build. I have every thing except the fork, bars, and cranks. I'm in no rush though. But there might be big news. Some one moved into the area, and was talking to the guy that owns the LBS. He wants to build ... more »

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Red Hot Chili Pepper style?

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Wisconsin Opened skateparks up in late May. State supreme court ruled that closing public parks is unconstitutional. Both indoor skateparks Four seasons in Milwaukee, And GBASO in Green Bay are open with appointment.

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I had 25' to work with in my garage. I built a 5' foot tall mini with no deck on either side. Just wall rides on both sides. it was too tight. I had it for about 4 years. the last 2 i didn't even ride it much. As long as the ceiling is high enough the ... more »

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honestly, I've hated every 24" bike I've ridden. you could look into a 22". they ride allot more like a 20" but much more room. DK, Subrosa, and Verde are some brands that make 22" completes. ME personally would go with ... more »

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if you don't mind bigger diameter grips then GT. They're like ODI but bigger around and softer. You could also try Demolition axes grips. IMO they are too big, and soft, but they might be what you're looking for.

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Cheap beer. Because it reminds me of my childhood. I did the beer snob thing 20 years ago. My brother and I brewed our own IPA for awhile. Now I'm back to driking what ever cheap beer the bar I'm at has at the time. Living in Wisconsin we defenatly have ... more »

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I've been asked more than a few times by teenagers and guys in their 20s while sweeping up glass or blowing the leaves out of the bowl before riding the skatepark, if I work for the parks department. That sure makes me laugh.

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If that's a USA made piston stem. It's worth up to $100. depending on condition.