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Newb to BMX or at least modern BMX. I've been searching for a similar bike, haven't purchased yet, but the Fit TRL Harti looks like an option. It's the only Complete 21.25 that I've found so far. Local ... more »

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Looking to pick up a new bike that I can use for skills development. (I mostly ride 29er

I have an old `76 Mongoose Team that I use as a pit bike at auto race events. I never really raced or did tricks, just rode back in the day. I tried ... more »

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Resto/Mod of my 78 Mongoose Team. I got this in 1984 and just recently realized it was originally a Candy Blue as there are flakes behind the gussets. The Mods are Box chain tensioners, New Shimano freewheel, 3 piece Shimano 600 crankset. Just got some new tires and pads. Need to find some period pedals as the originals exploded.

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