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Just did some beginner bunny hop and jump practice. I normally ride MTB clipped in, so riding a small bike with flats is very different. Took some video from a little session today.

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Picked up a Fit TRI Harti. Wanted a "big" bike at budget price and this fit the bill. My goal is to learn bunny hops, manuals, track stands, etc, just generally improving my bike skills. Here's video of my unboxing and build. ... more »

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45 in November, just ordered a Fit TRI Harti from SourceBMX Fit TRI Harti

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Newb to BMX or at least modern BMX. I've been searching for a similar bike, haven't purchased yet, but the Fit TRL Harti looks like an option. It's the only Complete 21.25 that I've found so far. Local ... more »

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Looking to pick up a new bike that I can use for skills development. (I mostly ride 29er

I have an old `76 Mongoose Team that I use as a pit bike at auto race events. I never really raced or did tricks, just rode back in the day. I tried ... more »

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78 Mongoose Team
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Resto/Mod of my 78 Mongoose Team. I got this in 1984 and just recently realized it was originally a Candy Blue as there are flakes behind the gussets. The Mods are Box chain tensioners, New Shimano freewheel, 3 piece Shimano 600 crankset. Just got some new tires and pads. Need to find some period pedals as the originals exploded.

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