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I picked up these Boltune ones off Amazon a few months ago for about $35, not the greatest sound but the battery life is great. Last about 6 hours then charge them in the case 5 or 6 times before having to charge the case. Much better than the crap eBay ... more »

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Your body converts it to formaldehyde

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Sweet negative offset forks!

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How dare you guys talk crap about doctors, just keep getting super sized meals at fast food joints, and to be healthy, go for diet coke.

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Haven't done it myself but probably sandblast then powder coat would work best

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Lots of thumbs down, probably due to the kickstand, weight weenies don't take kindly to them.

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This is definitely funnier left unexplained

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Tim wins the forum once again, classic

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Where do you store all these?

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How old is your chain?

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Just listened to a podcast with a Profile employee, they did make some cranks for GT. Matt Coplon on Space Brother's podcast.

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We'll give you goemetry as a reason for 2.25 max tire size, I'm thinking of joining you on this due to having to true my front wheel too often.

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Avoid surgery if you can, if your knee is going to give out without it, might have to. Also could depend if it's a partial or full tear. I'm just over 2 years out for ACL/meniscus surgery and feel pretty much as good as before injury. Wearing pads for ... more »

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Just noticed my chain is done, might try that tractor one? My KMC 710 lasted years, which is more heavy duty? Also need a new BMX transport device since I got rear-ended, weak!

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Not too far from that Zion bike shop is Beulah park, there's a line with tables next to the doubles.

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Zip ties dude

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Several years ago I had some cops help me with a downed tree, they asked if I was a gun owner. When I said no but I had my FOID, they highly recommended arming myself.

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It's been 2 days since I've thrown bars, planning on a relapse soon. Are you wearing gloves? Gets freaking hot but absorbs some of the impact. My problem is this bruise on my catching thumb.

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Went there for dinner with my aunt and cousin after my uncle's memorial last summer. He took me to my first couple Sox games 84 and 85 I think?

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Here's my videographic evidence...