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Echoes! Should have used the whole song.

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Saw a quintuple decade video a while back, might be the record?

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Enerson giving Casey shit for shitting his pants was hilarious

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Brett Banasiewicz and Hannah Roberts a few times each at the Kitchen and Colton Walker at Rays in Milwaukee. Rode with many dudes that could have been pros and I just had no clue.

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FBM S&M Odyssey Profile Shadow Animal Fit KMC Nice Edit: forgot about my mismatched tires Demolition Alienation

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You should just get those crank sleeves

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Good explanation of why statistics is bs, you can twist facts to fit the model you want to push. Give me some good old calculus, now that's a math I subscribe to.

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What if you flip the plate?

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To fit that 28T you could put a dimple in your frame for clearance.

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Anyone add to the blacklist sticky thread? How bout someone with the address direct message someone who got screwed over? Sucks for you guys.

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Just came across an old Props video and Drew Bezanson's part had a Danava song that made me order a few albums

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Nobody wants to be Massive Headwound Harry, now Helmet Head, that's who many of us strive to be. I never wear one cruising around my neighborhood doing manuals and 180s (probably should) but everywhere else 100% of the time. And a mouth guard, liquid ... more »

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Also acceptable would have been Hendrix. He was from Seattle and also was murdered, had an impossible amount of wine in his lungs besides the barbiturates in his system.

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You want his crazy ex to hire someone to inject him with several times the lethal dose of heroin then shoot him with a shotgun?

Started new thread Van's promo 9/3/2020 3:08 PM

Almost got me. Have to spend at least $75.01 until 9/7 and you get a voucher for $25 off second order of at least $75.01 from 9/8 to 9/25. The Skate hi pro BMXs are $75 so that wouldn't even qualify. Lame man.

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Are you really poor if you're doing something that makes you happy? Yeah

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This happened to me not too long ago so I lined the area of the puncture inside my tire with a piece of duct tape.

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I picked up these Boltune ones off Amazon a few months ago for about $35, not the greatest sound but the battery life is great. Last about 6 hours then charge them in the case 5 or 6 times before having to charge the case. Much better than the crap eBay ... more »

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Your body converts it to formaldehyde

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Sweet negative offset forks!