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Listened to all Rollback and Unclicked episodes, hopefully more come out eventually, good stuff. Dig ones seem cool, listened to a few. Our BMX ones I tried but they are watching videos, probably better as YouTube videos. What else do you all recommend? ... more »

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Premium is owned by Haro. I'm 6'1" and recently went up from 8.75" rise to 9" rise. Don't feel the need to go higher.

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Wait a minute, with soap? But it'll get wet!

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... more »
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Gotta add some post Kyuss John Garcia, Hermano, Unida, Vista Chino and my favorite Slo Burn.

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Mmmm, double butter spokes, argggh

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Make sure your stem is compatible with whatever you end up going with, sometimes those dept store bikes have a smaller diameter. Bending a crappy handlebar can suck pretty good though, 4130 is the way to go.

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Anyone going this weekend? I just found out about it at the Kitchen yesterday, really doubt I'll make it but it'd be cool.

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Another benefit with flanges... blisters. Haven't rode them since I was a kid and wouldn't even consider it.

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Pics of serial number?

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Yes, bar ends are pretty important...,3/Handlebars-to-the-throat,1322743

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Please change the title of this thread to: FBM, please don't stop making frames.

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Feebled down the hubba for the first time in probably a year and a half. It was getting kinda dark and I just committed, good end to an xmas session.

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My brother bent the forks on his about 92 or 93ish?

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Maybe we can start referring to seat tube angle in radians and keep head tube angle in degrees?

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90's Pro Series?

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For sale section on this here website

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If that's how you're gonna rock em make sure they have plastic on the outside so you slide. Then don't use that kind under jeans or they tear stupid easy.

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Maybe go for dreds?

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Didn't know that's what this is called. I do it with front foot next to my bike, kick with my back foot, most of the spin is controlled by the bars and jump for the pedals. I can land most attempts but still a no go for flyout tailwhips.