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Thanks guys, I have a 2010 WTP avenger cruiser and the salt hub held up decently. Im now thinking of getting a Sunday model C.

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Looking for feedback specifically on the 9t sealed hubs that come on entry level bikes from either brand. Whats better? The no name sealed hubs that come on Sundays or the Salt brand that come on WTP?

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Ah thanks. Never tried the contacts. Was hoping you would say the K Rads. Oh by the way watch out for Kenda when it comes to sizing. I got one K Rad in 1.95 and one in 2.1 and they were both exactly the same size when inflated. I actually put a caliper ... more »

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What Kenda's are you talking about? Some of them are not bad for just riding dirt.

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Are there any active moderators on these forums? Why is a thread like this started by someone who has never posted before still here? Someone needs to take responsibility for the content here. Especially given the age range of Vital's members.

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Nice job. I got the valve hole in the wrong place on both wheels I'm currently riding.

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I'm not claiming to know where this trend came from. But back in the 80's I saw guys put tennis balls in their spokes and throw a hockey stick over their shoulder to go play street hockey. I always thought it was a creative way kids used to carry balls ... more »

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I've never been good enough to go big enough to need more strength or slip prevention. But I'm guessing this will either become the new standard or it will go away. Can't see both sizes hanging around. The only time I've slipped my bar's in recent years ... more »

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Did you ask about that left crank that "just needs to be tightened"? Seems like something that he should have just tightened and not mentioned in the add. Might be a problem there. Otherwise I would say test ride it and if it's good $220 Canadian is ... more »

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If I were you I would go with the geometry you chose for your own custom bike. Sounds like you got that dialed and are passionate about the way it rides. Make any changes you would make to your own bike on the new frames. You put in the research to make ... more »

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I don't know how they would handle above the max. When I was riding them I weighed about 200lbs and rode them at 60-70 in the rear and 40 - 50 in the front depending on what I was riding. My next set of tires was a set of 2.1 GLH's and I rode them at ... more »

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I'm old enough to not want any smashed knees too. I go with big old smith skateboarding knee pads. I like pads with a hard outer shell so I can go to my knees and slide off my speed. Also spreads out the force if you hit your knee on the coping or on ... more »

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Yeah just try as many things as you can. Start with the basics though. Bunny hops, manuals, jumping curb cuts, pumping transitions and jumping. You will just go towards what's fun for you.

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One tire that always struck me as "overbuilt" is the Subrosa Grave Digger. Labelled 2.3 but when inflated measure 2.5. They're pretty heavy and I think the max pressure was 80psi. But they're very grippy, and hold their shape thanks to being thick and ... more »

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KRAD's are such a good cheap tire! For hard packed dirt my favorite setup is a 2.1 Small block 8 on the front and a 1.95 KRAD on the back. The small block 8's suck for anything other than hard packed not wet, not loose, dirt. But that's my favorite dirt ... more »

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The Haro Downtown is $330 at Danscomp. Or if you pick up a 20 grab big bars and try to score a really long laid back seat post. Makes a huge difference when you just want to pedal sitting down to maintain your cruising speed. I just did a spur of the ... more »

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Mid life crisis man! I did the same thing a year ago. Found my high school dream bike fram (a 95 haro group 1) on kijiji. Spent too much building it up. Then immediately realized it's not that big of a deal to me. Just be glad we had our mid life crisis's ... more »

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I would say if you're hitting rim you gotta get used to a bit more psi. I like mine as soft as possible without hitting rims. If I were still riding to spots I would pump them up harder just to make sure they get me home.

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Sorry to thread jack here guys. But I've been wondering what age kids usually get the hang of strider bikes? My son is 17 months right now hasn't had much luck with it. But I haven't tried much over the winter.