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ok well thanks for replying guys i guess i worded the post wrong. I dont need help with my tubes popping ive popped 3 since i got my bike but im sick of paying 10 bucks for a tube so i was wondering if the tubes on empire bmx are any good. And no all ... more »

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I've been popping tubes a lot lately so i might buy 10 tubes off of empire bmx for the price i would pay for 2 at a store near my house. Are these tubes any good or will they pop fast

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im either going to sell them or keep them for spares and for the colours thats true so ill keep looking for orange stuff but its really hard to find orange stuff for my bike

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uhh can you quote where i even asked what colour i should change my bike? im pretty sure the thread is on the tire size for my if you could just leave or maybe take the 30 seconds of your useless life to read the thread before you talk shit that ... more »

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Lmao you must be a cool guy

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No nothing's wrong with them I'm just changing colours

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Alright thanks

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I have a blue bike and im looking to change all the accessories to red so im getting new tires. right now im running 2.1 and 2.25" tires. I have 36H rims and im looking to buy 2.35" tires will the rim size matter? Edit: Also should i get a 2.1" and a ... more »

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alright thanks guys :D

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Hi im new to bmx biking and i was wondering should i be worried about messing up my back wheel when i 180? Like i rode one of my friends bike and after a while of doing 180s on it the tire started wobbling side to side when we rode it(I think its called ... more »

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