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I know about the BnP trails but I am looking for some people who ride street. I know a lot of people ride emerson park but it seems like its always full of little kids.

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If 1 racial slur is acceptable then all racial slurs should be. Why can somebody say towel head or wet back and nobody care but say nig, nigga or nigger and people cry. I get called cracker, who gives a shit.

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Honestly man you should have seen this coming. After a lot of online sales I can spot a scam instantly. At least he didn't pretend to be the Prince of Nigeria. Sick car though, hope you get it straight.

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Here's my turd. Needs new ball joints fml.

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Name's Josh. I'm an asshole. I'm old 26 yrs old and just got back into riding. I stopped when I was 17 because I got too high and forgot how to ride. I listen to crazy death metal and drink lots of booze. I got a puerto rican wife with a fat booty and ... more »