Bmx Invasion Back to School competition was a big success today!! This was a first time ever "BMX" contest held at the Wyoming Valley Sports Dome and the crowd was full of energy, and totally supported these riders through their runs!! Monster Energy drove the truck right inside the Dome and parked right next to the course, it was awesome and we were so happy to have them at the event, the monster crew did a great job! Everyone who entered the contest walked away with a Monster gift package for each class.

BMX Invasion, was also on live feed, thru 98.5 WKRZ Radio! Al was on the Jeff and Amanda show earlier in the week, WKRZ brought down a prize wheel, that adults and children were all having some fun at! Everyone went home with something, and it will definitly go down as another memorable event!

The Dome Skatepark Staff were a great help,keeping the door organized and also said,everyone was well mannered and they appreciated everyone for keeping the place clean! Good job guys,thats what makes our BMX community appreciated, not hated on! Respecting your riding spot shows alot and will keep BMX alive longer!

BMX Invasion's Novice class shredded it up!! Kevin at Plains Bike Shop, has been organzing a BMX team for some time now, and you can tell they def. did their homework for the comp. The kid's rode solid! And Congrat's to first place shredder and rider of the Plains Bike shop team, Joe Ide!! Congratulations to all the riders who entered the Novice, we had alot of first timer's out there including Brandon Gouger who was reppin for BMX Invasion in the mix, finishing 11th place! Also, finishing in with a respectable 4th place, Shane Kelly, the youngest of all our competitors today came all the way from New Hampshire and also shined in his runs, he took a mean spill but he sucked it up and came back firing out his tricks!! Thanks to Shane and his Pops for coming down!

We all shredded in between the runs, and then finally moved on to the Expert Class! Congratulations goes out to Todd Kiger for shredding his way into first place!! Also, congratulations goes out to the rest of the class, they all did a great job and showed the house some skills as well! The crowd was getting pumped even more, everyone raising their Monster Cans in the air, screaming for the last runs of the day! The energy stayed consistant the whole event, the crowd was still strong and the Pro riders came down and battled it out!

Congratulations goes out to our first place winner in Pro, Randy Hulseburg!! Good job Randy! He had some good lines and technical tricks, mixed it up a bit in his runs, and stayed solid! John Ritchie (2nd place) pulling out the stops, and had a bobble in his first run but came back strong in his second run and was very close to nailing the top spot, but finished a respectable 2nd place! Good job John! Also want to give props to, Aaron Graff who finished a respectable 3rd place, Aaron was our oldest competitor, in at 38 years old and still riding strong! He busted out the 360 no hander over the box jump and a nice tailwhip over the box along with a good flowing run, lots of cool transfers as well!! Everyone else shredded it, and it was all in all a great time had by all! Big congrats to all the riders in Pro!

Riders all shook hands and were all psyched on each other at the end of the classes!

Thank you Ed and Mike of the sports dome for having this event, they are very supportive of the BMX riders and we appreciate it greatly! Big thanks to them for all their help and support!! Also shout out to all our sponsors for this event, without all of you these events wouldnt be possible, nor would they grow. We can honestly say every event has shown great signs of progression in almost every positive direction there is! BMX Invasion appreciates your help and support in keeping underground BMX STRONG and making BIG positive differences in these riders lives!!

Here is the top 5 for each class:

(1st place) - Joe Ide - PLAINS BIKE SHOP
(2nd place) - Jeff Murray - PLAINS BIKE SHOP
(3rd place) - Richard Loyek
(4th place) - Shane Kelly
(5th place) - Nick Polnasek

(1st place) - Todd Kiger
(2nd place) - Chris Koviak
(3rd place) - George Miller
(4th place) - Justin Mitchell
(5th place) - Billy Salijko

(1st place) - Randy Hulseburg
(2nd place) - John Ritchie-BMX Invasion/Alienation
(3rd place) - Aaron Graff - CJS NJ
(4th place) - Andrew Johns
(5th place) - Ed Herbison - LMNOP

*Pictures are of rider's during warm up's. Waiting on Contest rider photo's from Brett Middaugh who did a great job documenting the whole event,by video & photo's!! We will post photo's and also check BMXNJ for Brett's take on the event coming soon!!*

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