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Albert was the most amazing and badass man I have ever known and will ever know. He lived for BMX and his children, dedicating every day to riding and his family, positivity and encouragement. he inspired many riders to be great and push themselves harder than they ever thought they could. He never gave up, completely relentless in every aspect of his life, he just wanted to be great, and to be remembered. and he will live on in the hearts of our children and in the hearts of every rider that looked up to him. Ride in Peace my love.

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yea dan!!! where you at?

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Super bummed to learn of Albert Carlson's passing. Albert was from the East Coast and never backed down from a burly setup. I met him briefly a number of years ago in Arizona and recall him going three times as hard as anyone else at a huge jam. And, more importantly than that, he was a family man with a wife and children. Rest easy, Albert.

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