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He went from being the TM for fit, to being a pro, and now hes off of fit altogether. wtf,

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I love the soft fox shirts for riding. And just in general.

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Lmao i'm 5'8 on a good day and i ride a 20.8. it just feels better to me + i like the extra clearance for barspins.

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Anyone have one of these and know how good it works? Idk if i sprained my wrist or i just have a weak wrist but my wrist hurts whenever im doing drops and whenever i do double pegs and smiths so i was wondering if this would be worth it or nah?

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Message me on Instagram @aaronmellien

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Who would trey Jones have a contractual obligation to? just wondering.

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I ride 69 psi. Not just because it's 69 but also right around there is the sweet spot for me.

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Gotta get the new fit blunt cranks.

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It's not the topcap, when i put it back on my bike it worked fine. I think what was happening was the fork and topcap would creak and shit and then it would be loose again.

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I'm looking for a freecoaster with a matching front wheel. Give me prices and pictures if possible.

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How much for the wheels?

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By that logic i'm on flow team lmao.

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I just have my stock frame stickers and a source sticker. Any more and imo it looks cluttered.

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Mhm. "tools".

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I personally haven't had this problem but I've heard of a lot of people not being able to load vital. There's a whole thread about it on general bmx talk.,2/Forum-not-loading,1321643

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Whats your favorite tire width? What do you ride? Whats the perfect setup? Do you ride different sizes in the front and the rear?

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Oh i ride 175s too so i guess its just foot placement. I really want to get some of those new fit bunt cranks in 160.

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Dawg i live in EC. Theres some decent street but the skatepark here is complete dogshit.

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What size are your cranks? I have an alvx and im constantly hitting the back peg with my heel.