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I like that color green, very sexy.

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nice 180 barspin

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just watch a 360 video in slow motion, you will see at a certain part of the spin they will tuck their legs and the back wheel comes up, if you watch a 360 tiretap video in slow motion the legs never tuck as much, just slightly bent.

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If you can already do a 360 tiretap (pivoting on the back wheel) really it just comes down to either hopping higher or spinning faster, pull to the direction you're spinning harder and make SURE you're tucking your legs all the way otherwise the back ... more »

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she's perty, i want seconds

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Nice man, see some creativity in there, like to watch that technical stuff. Looks like you got some fun places to ride.

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she's lookin juicy cuz.
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Nice 180 bar, I've done one before many many years ago but wasn't as clean as that, don't even do barspins anymore because they scare the shiet outta me, at least you're smart and wear a helmet.

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That's a sexy street beast, that's probably similar to something I'd build if I had the extra money, lol..

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you assembled bikes part time or full time? just wondering cuz i didnt know that was a a job you could apply for there. how many bikes did you assemble a week? or did they have you doing other stuff too?

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I had a mongoose k.o. when I started as a kid, think it weighed like 50lbs. Probably had the biggest forearms in school after awhile though.

Then I got a cheap GT finally and put some odyssey autumn camo bars and forks on it. Those were limited ... more »
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what do you mean you do you not know your natural grind side? if you were riding up to do a stall/grind on a symmetrical bench with no back rest (so you could choose whichever side) which side would you feel more comfortable trying? just picture it in ... more »

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yeah 360's have always been pretty easy to me, I suck at fakies even though I have done thousands of them... they just never got better lol

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Preferably 25t but 26t, 27t, 28t would work. I don't care how old, heavy or what it looks like, just needs to be cheap and strong, my sprocket taco'ed and I bent it back straight but that didn't hold up more than a day so now I just need something quick ... more »

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Anyone have a spare laying they'd let go for a decent price? I'm not picky, I just wanna do a little riding. As long as it isn't a walmart bike and functional I'm interested.

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Just found them last night browsing youtube. I usually don't like instrumental stuff unless it's like DJ shadow or Blueprint or something but I'm feeling this, pretty catchy. ... more »

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Yeah, I don't really write or freestyle though, I just listen to hip-hop a lot, lol.

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lol. u bein srs?

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Nigga, you call that swag? Lookin at your picture, I bet you like to dress up in drag. Your face so funny lookin, it should be the cover of 9gag, doesn't even need a tag. And why you grabbin your pussy? Does A.R. got you drippin down your leg? Take 5, ... more »

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Fuck swag, back packer for life.