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you can run these with a hub guard and pegs right? i'm new to female axles are they harder to bend than male? also will it stand up to heavy street grinds?

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kink badgers! 23.2oz 8 in rise 27-8? width and strong as hell i love em!

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demolition momentum in tan its amazing!!!

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i had the same problem then i cheese grated my leg got a massive infection and ripped a 1ish inch gash in my leg and had to get like 12 stitches all in the same month... i don't have that problem anymore and after you do it once you wont think twice ... more »

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which are better the cult doomsday pegs or the animal mk3, or animal butcher and can you use the butcher without the sleeve?

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they suck shit in the back i shattered mine and it bends in so you cant get a socket in it you havw to use pliars to bend the metal out

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on the bsd id there a difference between the female axle and the male? and can you use pegs on the female one?

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i have a stolen stock hub off of the 2011 score its held up well but its time for a new one whats a good hub for a reasonable price? iv'e been looking at the shadow raptor, and the bicycle union v2.1 any suggestions? (i'm also going to switch to ldh) ... more »

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ha i just take them and throw them over the fence and say fech

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get the score more sealed berings and smaller gear ratio i love that bike!!

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zero, modern, there is a free on in auborn hills and possibly landslide

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eastern has 6 pawls too

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if you worried about hurting yourself put somepool noodles on your tt it take the pain away (i have the same problem)

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hahaha not me i ride super messed up but it works i,m left foot forward, grind on the right side, spin to the left, and roll out to the right. so pretty much do it the way your most comfortable with

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undo the pinch bolts tighten the spindle bolts then re-tighten the pinch bolts and that might work or more spacers

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no i take that back chris king

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are you fucking me more like snowgoons, reef the lost cause, apathy, vini paz, la coka nostra, cypress hills, and rokka man

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and bad brains

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i do you wana borrow it