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True, oil slick = slick parts that make you dialled, which in turn = clicked turndowns..... if not, try get some bike control, noob.

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We all have this problem. There are only three options 1) Quit 2) Man up 3) Be a pussy like me and wear gloves. Then instantly you are not allowed to be "Street". A different set of bars is not one of the options listed.
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So then we can expect a nice clicked turndown from you... with a fufanu to compliment it (test out the new pads).

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I'd never heard of the brand, but I like their shit.

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Wow that place is serious, but looks like it would be hella fun and loads of speed.

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The trick I'm picking is one that I've always wanted to do, but have never even got close. It's a basic trick, but one of the best looking.... when done right. This weeks trick is the turndown. If you've already got turndowns on lock, then I want to ... more »

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This is my hands down my favourite bike on here. So much win, those hubs are beautiful. Top work.

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Steve, do you have anything you could lace them up to? Cheers

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Even with a full day at work, I managed to squeeze in a small park sesh, small on all accounts, small park, small tricks and only a 15 minute run out. Then the in the evening I hit up some street spots. As usual it was all solo stuff, but I had a lot

... more »
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Still haven't watched it yet. I like the lad, he obviously isn't the worlds best rider, but he (Ok Scotty definitely helps) pushes himself constantly, I enjoy watching his progression. He also shows how much it helps riding with others, when wanting ... more »

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Now that is some parts list.

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Not my scene at all. But we are in no position to complain, we ride round the streets, wrecking ledges, jumping off roofs etc. Also SE have been around for years.

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Don't run them myself, but have ridden bikes with them and they felt great to me. They would definitely be better than the Primo for dirt.

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Want that brake hanger.

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Looks awesome that. Two piece bars and that's exactly how I'd want mine looking.

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I'm RFF and use my left, makes sense to me.

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I'm breaking spokes and inner tubes weekly, I'm not sure that counts? And prior to putting on my Shadow Interlock, I was going through a lot of chains. I did break a brake leaver a few months ago, but that was me lacking mechanical sympathy.

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That sucks, but I guess that just means you need to build more in the garage

I'm really lucky, I've got 4-5 indoor parks all within 45 minutes drive, but then I think we need it here, because our weather is garbage and our street spots are ... more »
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Let's see the footage, I love me a RumHam bail.

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Looking super fresh, gutted I didn't get to ride it in this condition. I personally reckon a new stem and it's perfect, don't see any issue with the cranks and wheel, they look spot on to me.