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"Have you ever heard a girl choose tires based on rotational weight over color? Didn't think so." Come on dudes, do better. If the culture persists that "girls" only historically care about color over quality, the scene will persist with a lack of diversity and culture. These are simple things that Vital has the power to influence, especially for younger riders. Use your status for something other than pandering to stereotypes.

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Not going to do a full review seeing I only rode 1 on the front for a week. NOTE: I didn't change it because it was bad, but because I like a 2.125 front and a friend had a Grifter in 2.2 and it just is a better combo with my Primo V Monster.

Stuck like glue to most surfaces (including walls...maybe how they came up with the name), like most not great in wet. But who really rides in the rain? Ran 60-80psi with no issue, great bead, works amazing for a "street/park" tire on trails. Had I had a narrower tire, I would have kept it. In the week I had it riding 6hrs a still looked brand new. Like it didn't wear at all. I would not run it brakeless only because I can see how with a foot rubbing it it could wear many tires.

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