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never going away...

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We sometimes have to work really hard to make it seem like we don't actually work hard.

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Yo yo! We are here! Sorry if the chat is being wonky for you. It may be overloaded with Xmas and all. You can always give it another go or just call us and that barbaric way is still best! hahah! Happy Holiday's Ya'll! --flip

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Hey, The 20" versions of these tubes can run from a 1.8 to 2.4" They do expand like normal tubes but are made of a little stiffer material. I'm not sure they will creep out of small tears in your tire but I still won't suggest running a $30 tube in a ... more »

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Hey! The most recent update Haro has gave us is 12/11/2019. If you have one on Pre order we'll contact you as soon as Haro gives us word they are on the way to us. Hope that helps!

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Hello, We ship all over the world everyday! If you are ordering a stock bike it will come about 3/4's built. For the most part you'll have to install the seat, pedals, bars and front wheel. Check the link below to watch a quick video on what it takes ... more »

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We have a bunch of crazy BMX stuff on sale all weekend long.... including Albe's BMX Plungers! Party on!

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Check your messages yo.

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Not sure if they have any codes but let me know what you are looking for and we may be able to set you up more better-er

Reply to Looking to get 4 year old a new bike got questions 9/3/2019 10:40 PM

Sounds like a 14" is where you need to be. Kink has one out this year and they did an amazing job on it. Check it out.

Reply to Albes take s a while to ship 9/3/2019 9:53 PM are correct...we don't like you. Kidding!! We love all of you!! Anyway, I looked up all orders from your city and I'm thinking I found yours. You just placed the order on Friday and yes, it was a holiday weekend. It's been 1 business day. ... more »

Reply to Fit Mac Man vs Fit Nordstorm 20.25 7/22/2019 12:37 PM

Hello, Both bikes are full chromoly frames but the major difference between the two is the Nordstrom has a free coaster hub and the Mac Man a cassette. Both are GREAT bikes for the regular price and we actually have them on sale right now. ... more »

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Hey Bob, I also looked up your order to see if we dropped the ball some how and I'm confused. You placed the order on Friday Jan 18th. You included a note on your order "I spoke to you guys through e-mail about price matching of the Odyssey Hazard Lites. ... more »

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JPC...I take this stuff so personal when I read it. Not sure that's a good or bad thing. I guess it's good in the fact that it sets us apart from many other places as it shows we REALLY care. However it also stresses us out as we obviously never want ... more »

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We are reliable, awesome and good looking! With that being said use the code "deal4you" for a discount AND free shipping over $50 in the USA. party on.

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The company has been doing MTB and Roadbike tubes for a while. We contacted them about a year ago and agreed to buy a stupid amount of them if they made 20" ones if they sent us some to test. We sent them to Dhers and a few others and everybody swears ... more »

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There is a good change we have all you need! If we don't we'd do our best to get it. Currently we have a free shipping over $50 deal going AND you can try using the discount code "tape" to get a discount on top of the free shipping. Party on! --flip ... more »

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We ship to the UK everyday. Sometimes shipping rates a more than it's worth but it really depends on what you are looking to order.

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Ah. The mannequin's name was Hilary and she was dating Scott (our shipper) at the time the photo was shot. Selling them at a discount because they were "used" was a joke. Obviously if we were to sell them we would have charged more. hahaha

Reply to Good ankle braces/ankle supportive shoes for bmx? 11/17/2017 5:25 PM Space race for sure!