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Ah thanks its just that i got this proper hub guard before and it didn't fit between my forks etc so i wanna make sure theres ones that actually fit my bike

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Ah klkl cheers guys

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I have a DK alpha male front hub and a Cult match RHD back hub. Unfortunately i run my pegs drive side. Anyone know a big plastic hub guard for the front that will fit seen them before just a big plastic one. And a hub guard for a cult match drive side ... more »

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Yeah, i read some reviews and stuff and i heard it being easy to install etc. But does it last a long time? idk what the springs like if it stretches too easy and it loses tension or something whats it like in the long run?

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So my brake springs are kinda useless as they keep bending at the top, and i keep bending them back but they're too weak to stay like that now. I wanna get a simple brake that's easy to live with, that is simple and doesn't come cross many problems that ... more »

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I just got a Sunday wave frame, and i need a new bottom bracket. Before i had a stock frame off a premium, but the stock bottom bracket sticks out the frame so the crank cap/washer thing doesn't go flush with the surface of the bb. I need one that fits ... more »

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