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My favorite color is flat black with red rims, my favorite rider is Eric Holly and my favorite shop is Fit Shop Stop. I Need This Bike Because i have a bike that keeps breaking down and i got stitches because of it and my mom and dad don’t have enough money and im so sad i get blamed at for breaking my bike and i cant ride my bike because its been broken for a month and i keep crying that why does this have to happen to me and they just keep fixing it and it and it brakes like an 1 hour later. Please… I really need this bike so i don’t bother my parents. (I am not making this up this is true and my parents are scared now if this one breaks…… i can show them How proud i make them when i dont break this one) IT IS UP TO YOU IF YOU WANT TO MAKE ME THE MOST HAPPIEST TEEN IN THE WORLD OR THE SADDEST TEEN smile OR ;’(

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