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a GSPORT monkey hub laced to a odsy seven ka rim? (13 tooth freewheel) comes with 36 tooth rnc titanium sproket.

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so this past weekend i was at rye airfield and i met drew bezanson. he was doin flip whips just sayin.

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2 min ride. concrete park with 4 ft QPs and a 4ft flyout. fun box,spine,6ft pipe

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there is really no point in baking paint on anyway so dont bother...

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what do you guys think about em.. ppl i ride wit dont know about them so i figure i willl ask vital,

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small is the best...medium gets in the way and the trigger looks gay. HEY THAT RYMED. HPPY EASTER!

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o and listen to loud music when you ride...controls skaters getting in the way!!!!

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if you r not learning tricks dont get upset...when u r learning a trick just try and do it over and over agin. like all day. chances r if you keep doin it alll day you will get it.

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haro convert yo haha

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if you have a tire that can go up to like 110 psi ride like 75-90 running 110 is just stupid. its like riding on balloons!!!

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has sealed everything. all salt parts. its a good bike. i am riding the 09 crysis frame right now. love it!

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it is a 37 tooth and it is the same as the one in the pic.

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sup guys. well i managed to get my hands on a rnc sprocket and these people i ride with are babeling about how it is made from titanium but i dont know if it is. is anyone familiar with this product and if so how much do you think it is worth? thanks, ... more »

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if you ride street most of the time dont get little ones. it even says on dans that they r meant for park. the pegs i ride now are the animal mk3 lights. these r the sickest pegs. AND THEY R MADD LIGHTTT

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im riding that wheel right now...i like it alot but it does take some getting used to and the rime it is laced to is a black sheep which isnt that bad so stop flaming it...its double walled and not heavy so yea...if you want to spend the money but it. ... more »

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so i hit up rye yesterday wit some buddies. after the hour drive the first thing i rode was the new 6 ft mini pipe...i fuckin love the thing anyone else ride there lately?

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i love how he goes on about the baby thing lmaoo. but yea i cant really give any advice about that you just have to want it

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animal doesnt make them anymore so good luck finding someone who wants to selll em.