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The grips are for Epilepsy awareness, since I have epilepsy

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Frame - Eastern Grim Reaper 10 (20.5) Fork - WTP Battleship Headset - Eastern Stem - S&M Redneck XLT Bars - BSD Safari (9.1) Grips - ODI Longnecks Cranks - BSD Substance (165mm) BB - WTP Sprocket - Eclat Elevate (28t) Pedals - Odyssey Twisted PC

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Love this bike

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New stuff is on the way

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Right foot forward, Pegs on right side, right side drive (I do run a bashguard and cog guard), I tried LHD but I do a lot of back pedal and crooked grinds from my pegless days habits that never went away so having my driveside on my peg side works better ... more »

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I currently run the Ezra FC. I use to like having minimal slack, but now I have gotten use to more slack In the past I have had the old Odyssey Reloader, KHE Geisha, Stolen FC, and they all did the same job for me. I like the Ezra for the weight savings ... more »

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No deal, not full gold headset spacers

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Plus full 4130 forks and bars, pretty solid set up

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I remember using my highschool graduation money to buy a PW Moto frame. That thing was beautiful! Bummer to see FBM close its doors.

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I mostly lurk here while at work, but I'm 33 and still ride... I think I've been on this forum for ever, not as long as BG but still

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BJ 28 years old Minneapolis,MN raced 7 to 17, started doing tricks at the trails around 13 or 14 worked for eastern in 2011 Mostly ride street and shitty skateparks I like to travel and ride with new people fat bikes are dumb

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I have had good luck with Primo plastic pedals, when I got them I was bummed with the lack of anti-roll pins but I haven't had mine move

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QBP says the Blind won't be available until 2/6/15

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made in the same factory as so many other frames, yeah it must suck because the most profitable BMX company is backing it... let alone the the fact that Haro is owned by those same factories. Yeah, they must only get the shitty frames while the minimum ... more »

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Yeah, because they are that old... WTP's old FC and the Eclat are not the same

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Hey man. Few questions. If you still run the Ezra freecoaster, do you do a lot of grinds, heavy hits or anything super crazy? I'm thinking about getting it and Idk because I ride 4 pegs and love to grind like everyday. Also, have you tried the cassette side? Like switching it over?