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How do I keep my front end up I can't pinch my seat it's too small please help


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When i do a 180 i can only get a 90 and i've tried to get the full rotation and i dont know my problem i can J-Hop to bar height and when i carve doing the 180 it feels akward and kind of slugish sorta but if i were to carve more i would slip out

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I've ridden a few grips in my i've ridden ODI longnecks, Cult Vans Grips, and Stolen Loot Grips. I was wandering what new grips in the color black are both soft and tough any suggestions PLEASE HELP!!!!

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I have had my 2013 Kink Gap for 3 years and I need a new bike. I've broke too many parts to replace them. I'm looking for something light but also strong. Any suggestions? Price range is $600

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I had just bent my rim badly its an Alienation PBR. I'm looking for a rear rim that can take a beating for under $130.

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