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Anyone going to the LA kiss fm jingle ball this weekend?

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i like how this turned into a tv discussion...haha i love it

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seeing ur from VA, look up "Merge Records" they are stationed on the east coast and i love their music!!! edit: merge records is a label not a band

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super chunk!!!!!!

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i agree, when you are pumping over a bump while only on your back wheel you have all your weight on it so can get more push

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Are you serious?

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yah i noticed they were kind of soft when I started to ride his bike, I asked him if he had a pump but he didn't.

New thread crazy party stories 6/10/2012 5:17 PM

any crazy parties you went to that something insane happened.

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i didn't know if it popped or the valve just opened up.

New thread Why did this happen? 6/10/2012 4:27 PM

So i was riding a friend's verde vex and I was just do some 180 off of some banks and i didn't make the whole 180 degree turn and landed kinda hard and the air from the inner tube just started rushing out. did the inner tube pop?

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My friend use to have one, just keep it away from dogs (if you have any) because my friend went to the movies and the dogs got out and killed the chinchilla, they don't know how but when they got home it was dead

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You only have to submerge the planks in water for about an hour and a half and it will start to become pliant enough to bend. You can also steam the wood.

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You have to soak it in water, but be carefull because the wood gets very fragile after soaked for a long time. You can also get a lot of very thin sheets of ply and just stack them on to the trany.

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I bet that kid is really good at skating and probably is better than me but i just laughed at that part

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yah I liked Tebow when he was in college but he's not really a pro guy.

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Do you think Sanchez will beat out Tebow for the starting position?

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why is that retardant?