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Kid, I hate to tell you, but you aren't going to be able to get 3's or rails for another year at least. Work on going faster while doing 180's, find your balance in manuals, and don't give up on a trick because you couldn't pull it, it makes you seem ... more »

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All I see in here are a bunch of little faggots who suck big dick. Big dick. Big dick. Big. Dick. Dick. Dick?

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Bump for the lolz. Still haven't shaved my butthole, but I will do it in time... Hey swwyobmx, hair doesn't define a man, the manliness defines the man. I am more man than you will ever be. Even without pubes or chest hair, only ass hair.

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That was by far the most gay song I have ever heard. Don't put credits in a fucking teaser. Maybe put a quick flash of when the full video will be released. Just include the song name with the description of the video.

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Haha, I don't have a girlfriend, but I just hate having to see my black curly pubes every time I take a shit or piss. I'm sad though because I don't grow a happy trail, and I barely have any chest hairs, but for some reason I have hair around my nipples ... more »

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DJ Derp.

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Go suck a dick faggot. Just because you can't have the wonderful experience of shaving your pubes after they grew so much. You probably only have 1 little pube on your baby nutsack. This thread is staying FOREVER! (or until a mod deletes it, but if that ... more »

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Just stubble. I can't get all of it off because I don't have Nair. Dakotah, you cut your penis with a razor sometimes too? We must be shaft brothers.

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Mine only grow to a certain extent, then after that the hair just falls from the tips. While I was shaving the bottom of the shaft, I cut my penis and it was bleeding. It didn;t hurt, but it was just very surprising.

New thread I just... 9/25/2010 2:04 AM

...shaved my pubes. That's all.

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The forks make it look like crap. Buy some black forks. Haha did you finally realize how shitty the Shadow Rant hub is? That's why I didn't want it.

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That was like 15 feet... If you really could go 100 feet, post it. There's a big difference between 15 feet and 100 feet.

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A smith on the third try? Congratulations. Just kidding.

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Sucks dick. Mine hasn't broken yet but it crackles like fuck. It's going to kick the bucket soon.

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Yeah, you should quit. Pussy. "Oh look at me, I'm fat and people tell me the truth instead of lying! Wahh!"

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The Imperial sprocket is 3/32". Be careful.

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Use the search bar faggot.

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I love you.

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Have you measured how high you can hop, or, what part of your bike you can hop up?