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I have the Broc as my rear and the Path Pro on the front. The Broc rolls smooth, just not as chirpy as the path pro

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That is a thing of beauty! Great ride!

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Yes sir! Been riding S&M since 2001. I’d have Dive Bars in there if S&M still made them! Thanks for the positive feedback!

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Take a video of yourself doing a hop. See where your body is positioned and then watch some videos of a few pros that can really hop (Brandon Begin, Mike Hoder, Anthony Panza) and then see where you can work on your hop. Most hops today are J-Hops and ... more »

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Keep the attitude of “next time at the skate park I will learn....” and eventually, you will. Remember, there are no tricks you “must” learn or styles you “must follow”. Find your style, hit a few bangers and go back with an attitude of learning every ... more »

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OP: Both Standard Byke Co. and S&M offer build your own frames. Rather than chasing down a unicorn, build one of your own!

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Try this site: it gives you a comparison of many on the market. Perhaps one will work. Hope it works out bro.

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If you ever need more proof than what OP wrote in his story , go watch the you tube video of Scotty Cranmers crash. He always wore a helmet before the accident and won’t associate or ride with riders who won’t wear a helmet. Form over function is great ... more »

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As far as tools, I use the Odyssey multi tool. Has every tool you need for your bike in one convenient tool that travels. Here’s a link: ... more »

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Yes and yes. I simply gave two random examples. I wasn’t stating which bars are currently the “best”. Just demonstrating to OP what will give him the best gauge for selecting bars to fit their needs.

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You got a great deal. Back up wheel doesn’t have to be your best wheel

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my bad, here is the link I meant to use: they are both junk..but at least this is the correct one

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any Standard frame is a quality frame. Built in the USA and lifetime warranty. Second only to S&M IMO. Pitt Boss is a solid frame.

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he should be good with the shadow conspiracy invisiltes. Size small should fit a 10 year old pretty well. Great under jeans or DIckies..

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since a stolen rear cassette can be purchased on ALBES for $65 : I would deduct at least $15 for every 6 months of use on the ... more »

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R32's and R25's have a noticeable difference so be sure before you drop $170 on forks. If you nose manual and do a lot of front end tricks, 25's may be for you. If not, perhaps the 32's. I have one bike with R25's and the other with S&M Pitchforks. ... more »

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OP: Your question is flawed and here is why: geometry of bars is dictated by the style of riding there are intended for. For example, freestlye bars will typically have more handlebar area (area from the bend) than say bars designed for racing, vert, ... more »

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First off..thanks for your service and welcome back to BMX! WTP make solid bikes and they typically come with ECLAT and Salt Plus (WTP's Discount Parts Brand), so the completes are solid bikes. The frames are built in the same factory in Taiwan as Cult ... more »

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The larger tires (2.3 and up) provide more surface area for your riding. This can be beneficial in street and park as you may be riding spots where the larger tires help with rail rides, catching smaller edges or wall rides, or even more stability on ... more »