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Well, at least Trey is erring on the side of caution and pushing it out. The said part is that October may not work either based on how COVID-19 is progressing. Without a vaccine, everyone that attends will still be at risk. I’m not sure what kind of hold harmless or insurance Trey carries, but you can’t indemnify death caused by catching a virus at your event. Luckily it’s in Florida, and that governor is a moron, so he may open up when his dad Trump tells him to. All in all, this is a great event, and I hope it still happens...because it will mean some things are back to “normal”.

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SBR's S&M Creedence MOD

That is a thing of beauty! Great ride!

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2019 S&M BTM

Yes sir! Been riding S&M since 2001. I’d have Dive Bars in there if S&M still made them! Thanks for the positive feedback!

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