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Looking for a cheap top load stem, in either black or raw. Ideally something like BSD, Odyssey, Cult, Kink, Sunday, United etc but will consider most legit BMX brands (no OEM parts or stem-shaped-objects from department store bikes). Would prefer one

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Wedge something like a wrench/socket extension bar/bit of wood/metal bar in between the tyre and frame, then pull on it as you tighten the bolts.

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A sealed US BB will cost you around £20-£25 and will be more durable than the unsealed BB you currently have, however I'd go with pnj's suggestion and fix what you have and save your cash towards another frame. You can pick up a decent used frame pretty ... more »

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I had metal Profile guards for the Profile hubs on my old BSD Forever and didn't feel like they slowed grinds at all. I just don't want to bother swapping out cone nuts this time around only to find they may not potentially fit, hence looking at the ... more »

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Thanks dude, that's good to know about the Cinema guards. I'll take a look at the Mission ones too.

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After sanding you'll need to treat them with something like Krylon Rust Tough , POR-15 or Rust-Oleum Stops Rust to stop the rust coming back.

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Alright folks, Back after a long break (from both BMX and the forum!) and looking for some universal fit hub guards that aren't G Sport Glands. The hubs are United Supreme 10mm female front / 14mm bolted rear. I've seen the Cinema VF/VR guards but was ... more »

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Thanks for the comments everyone... much appreciated! I'm in Canada right now (St John's NL) and really missing it, so many sick street spots! @supreme - The tyres are decent. Deffo recommended them.

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If the post has seized stuck and you don't mind sacrificing it then try this: -Remove seat and pivotal bolt (if you can) -Drill a hole all the way through the post (if pivotal bolt is stuck then drill through it) -Inset a piece of metal through hole

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There's nothing wrong with having a nice bike... and there is a lot of fun to be had building it up yourself. However, there are two important things you really need to consider. 1/ A lighter bike will make little to no difference to how fast you progress

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Looks comfy enough, although the vinyl cover might not be as soft as the fabric ones. If you want guaranteed comfort then park your arse on a BSD Slinger (or any of their fat seats)... The ... more »

Added reply in a thread BRAKE MOUNT HELP!! 8/3/2012 4:51 AM One of the sets listed there will surely fit. Just find what looks most like the one you still have.

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This isn't for the BSD hub, just me thinking out loud about female hubs in general... Anyway, it should work: -Remove non drive side cone nut (it may unscrew, or simply slide off) -Put the bolt in the axle slightly (again, non drive side) -Tap bolt with ... more »

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Photographs my good man, photographs.

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Take up photography / shooting videos.... means you can still hang out with your BMX friends and hit up all your favourite spots. Should be able to use a camera easily enough with a cast on. Leading on from that learn how to edit said photos and videos ... more »

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Post a link to the hub you have. I just got hub guards so might be able to help you out.

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Should be about the quality of the photo, not how many FB friends you can whore your shot out to.

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@jonathan93 - Cheers man. I had to go look it up but yeah it does look similar. Prefer mine though, haha

@Boostmobile32 - Thanks brahhh!
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Works really well. The chrome is nice touch against the red and raw.

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So nice! In fact the first bike I think I like more than my own, or the same amount maybe haha