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Thanks for the comments everyone... much appreciated! I'm in Canada right now (St John's NL) and really missing it, so many sick street spots! @supreme - The tyres are decent. Deffo recommended them.

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If the post has seized stuck and you don't mind sacrificing it then try this: -Remove seat and pivotal bolt (if you can) -Drill a hole all the way through the post (if pivotal bolt is stuck then drill through it) -Inset a piece of metal through hole

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There's nothing wrong with having a nice bike... and there is a lot of fun to be had building it up yourself. However, there are two important things you really need to consider. 1/ A lighter bike will make little to no difference to how fast you progress

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Looks comfy enough, although the vinyl cover might not be as soft as the fabric ones. If you want guaranteed comfort then park your arse on a BSD Slinger (or any of their fat seats)... The ... more »

Added reply in a thread BRAKE MOUNT HELP!! 8/3/2012 4:51 AM One of the sets listed there will surely fit. Just find what looks most like the one you still have.

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This isn't for the BSD hub, just me thinking out loud about female hubs in general... Anyway, it should work: -Remove non drive side cone nut (it may unscrew, or simply slide off) -Put the bolt in the axle slightly (again, non drive side) -Tap bolt with ... more »

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Photographs my good man, photographs.

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Take up photography / shooting videos.... means you can still hang out with your BMX friends and hit up all your favourite spots. Should be able to use a camera easily enough with a cast on. Leading on from that learn how to edit said photos and videos ... more »

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Post a link to the hub you have. I just got hub guards so might be able to help you out.

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Should be about the quality of the photo, not how many FB friends you can whore your shot out to.

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@jonathan93 - Cheers man. I had to go look it up but yeah it does look similar. Prefer mine though, haha

@Boostmobile32 - Thanks brahhh!
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Works really well. The chrome is nice touch against the red and raw.

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So nice! In fact the first bike I think I like more than my own, or the same amount maybe haha

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That's is one badass looking bike! As one try kid says above, street as fuck

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Def one of the nicest builds on here

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Spam links appear to have been removed so my comment is no longer relevant.

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Is the tophat washer new too? They can ovalise over time.

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Sicker than a bag of vomit

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Looks awesome in blue... just need to sort that seat out, although it does have a certain ghetto charm to it

Anyway, good to see how it's progressed since the first pics.
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Looks sick, but a fat seat would make it perfect