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"Oh shit, another one of those goddamn kids needing help with doing hop bars" Yeah well, I really need all the help I can get. Been trying this trick for about a year now, I've done everything. Indoor bike, throwing and catching etc etc But every freakin ... more »

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Thanks for the help everyone!!! I manned up and tried them for about 3 hours straight. started from not letting go, to no hander to get used to it, then I started bus driving a half bar, and now I can land a full bar!!!! landed 2 today, just keep hucking ... more »

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Heres my story, care enough to read it, thanks for the help! I've always loved barspins and thought they were a really great looking trick to mess around with, so I started learning them. I tried out the indoor bike. same night I put my bike back together ... more »

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hump your bars or put most of your weight around your top tube, remember that 360s are more about giving yourself enough time to rotate than spinning, which is usually why people tap instead of 360. So, hop higher than you usually do for 3 taps

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Focus on a good even carve, pulling up as high as you can and whipping your head as fast as you can to your left/right do not halfass it, what helped me is, I'd get the idea of me doing a hop 540 so I get the motion of spinning as fast as i can.

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For me, atleast what helps for long distance is going at a comfortably fast speed, pulling a decent amount and leaning back as far as possible before looping out point, then I stare at what I'm trying to manual towards, whatever you do, do not look down ... more »

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But I never did start out on a freecoaster! I've had a cassette for pretty much the whole time other than last month I received the coaster. I have no problem fakieing on it it just seems very awkward. And I'm still looking for a reason why.

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what has helped me so far is going faster than usual and pulling up higher. and I mean I love fakieing on it, I've gotten used to the slack, it's just that what annoys me is that I land at different angles every time I 180, overspin or underspin. And ... more »

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Any gsport, an odyssey 7ka or hazard lite, shadow corvus or stun, animal RS, primo balance are all good rims I only know for a fact that the RS, stun, and corvus come in purple, though the others are super good too. For the front hubs I'd say get the ... more »

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The thing is I don't use pedal pressure when 180ing. many people have said that's the reason but it's not.. Here, let me upload a video.

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First post! Well, here's my story: I have been riding for about a year now, more or less. Rode cassette all that time and just a backstory, I learned 180s 5 months ago, and I was starting 360s, landed a couple. Also, the highest thing i've 180ed down

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