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I'll look into it. I'm not a big fans of shipping stuff overseas though. I'll pm shipping cost tonight.

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Bump 90 shipped 70 local pick up

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Revolution Bike shop in coconut grove might be able to help

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For sale is a set of BRAND NEW Odyssey F25 forks! I was considering running front brakes but decided that I didn't want them. Unfortunately I didn't make my decision until after I had already bought the forks. As a result these are BRAND NEW without

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it can take awhile to learn. Learning how to 180 for the first time isn't easy for most people. Make sure to turn your head and look over your shoulder, that will help with rotation.

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My friend broke his ankle similarly although it wasn't as bad. I think he broke both the tibia and fibula and required surgery with screws and a plate. It took 6 months before he was back on a mountain bike and a few months extra before he got on a bmx. ... more »

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Adjust the toe in and try sanding the pads as well as cleaning the rim. That usually does it for me. My brakes aren't too squeaky.

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Evo IIs are good. My favorite are the demolition vulcan v. 2s. They have sealed bearing pivots and feel really good.

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Try spinning to the right since you're left foot forward (that's the normal way to spin). Keep your head and shoulders turned while you 180. If you don't turn your head you will never land this trick. It's weird at first when you're figuring it out but ... more »

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There's always going to be someone better than you at bmx so give up on comparing yourself to others. Just ride for yourself.

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When I rock my glasses I just wear these: It's an adjustable strap that helps to keep the glasses from falling off your face. They work really well. My glasses have never fallen off my face when I use these. I ended up switching ... more »

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My antigram ghost pedaled out of the box as well. It just takes awhile for the springs to break in. What I did to fix it was bend the spring a little to make them softer since they are super stiff out of the box. Now it's fine.

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You need original content. Reposting stuff from TCU isn't going to get your site more visitors. Make some original edits or at least post stuff that no one will find easily on TCU, ridebmx or vital's pages. You can't compete with those sites so don't ... more »

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Measure the inner diameter of the bearing with a ruler. 19mm is about 0.75" 22m is about 0.866" and 24mm is about 0.95" Whatever inner diameter you measure is what you'll need.

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I'm your height and I run 9.2 ride bars with a top load and it feels really nice. I'd get something similar if you don't want to be too hunched over

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30 ain't too old man, just ride! Hoffman is 43 and he'said still shredding.

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GSport/Odyssey has had a RHD/LHD system for awhile. This sds thing from Eclat seems like its reinventing the wheel. I don't understand what's so great about it.

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That looks pretty good dude!

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Mine works just fine; it hasn't skipped so far and the engagement is good. The driver might be a problem though because it uses one of those stupid needle bearings. Mine has held up so far but I have been keeping an eye on it. I'd recommend getting this ... more »

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Odyssey Ross (first gen not the newer ones): Terrible front tire, has horrible grip and will slip out on you in tight corners. It's an ok back tire but I would not trust it in the front. The damn thing slipped out on me too many times so I gave up on ... more »