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Just ride brakeless until you get the new cable if it snaps

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Aaron Ross keyboard tires are the worst. They dont grip well in corners. Don't get them.

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Condense it more; you need to improve the editing. Right now it looks like a boring home video some random dude shot. There was too much fluff that was uneccessary and uninteresting. Also pick more interesting camera angles. Its ok its just your first ... more »

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Make sure that the bead of the tire is centered in the rim. The center of the rim should be the lowest spot so doing so can make it easier to pull tires off. Also, use more than 1 tire lever at a time to make pulling off the tire easier. Usually I'll ... more »

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If you sandblast aluminum you do not have to paint it and can leave it raw. Aluminum doesn't rust like steel does which is why it does not always need to be painted. If you sandblast steel (chromoly etc.) you will have to paint it or else it will rust ... more »

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Go with friends if you can, it'll make you feel more comfortable. Also, don't give up. Everyone starts somewhere and not everyone progresses at the same speed.

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Sunday GY Pro
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Some new pics. I sand blasted the headset cap and painted my upper gyro plate black. I also added some screws on the gyro plate to prevent it from moving around and to keep it in line with the stem. The screws were drilled in at a 30 degree angle using

... more »
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Thanks for the comments! I'm really stoked with this setup.

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Look over your shoulder when you 180. That might help.

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I busted my arm pretty bad recently so I figured I'd do a bike check. Frame : Volume Bermuda 21.25" Forks: Odyssey R25 Bars : WTP Sterling (9.2" rise, 27" wide) Stem : Odyssey Lincoln Headset : Primo Grips: Demolition Waffle grips Barends : Odyssey Par-Ends

... more »

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I'm 5'11" and run the WTP sterling bars with a Lincoln (topload stem) and an uncut steerer tube on my R32 forks. This is a great height for me and has really helped prevent back ache. I used to run Tree Moto bars (9.5 rise) but they were too wide and ... more »

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Personally I'd go with the Animals because I've had bad experiences with shadow products in the past. However, the last time I owned anything from shadow was probably about 5 years ago now so they may have improved since then. Also you never mentioned ... more »

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It looks great man!

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Looks good! I'm diggin the railed seat.

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I'm gonna be in Miami for the next two weeks and I'm looking for people to ride with. Post up if you're in the area!

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^ THIS. If you don't do many fakie tricks then a coaster may not be for you.

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You could also just run more chain tension to prevent the cranks from spinning. My bet is that this isn't gonna be around for awhile.