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That paint thing is the one in Ann Arbor, right? That thing looks gnarly. Nice pics.

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I run the alienation FC. I like it. It was on sale at Albes when I got it.

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They protect your hubs. Definitely worth it, I run them front/rear. There are no cons to a hub guard in my opinion.

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Sunday is awesome.

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Gyro all the way. The unsealed detanglers spin smoothly. The sealed ones are a little nicer, but not necessary. The big difference between sealed and unsealed is that the sealed detanglers are probably slightly lighter. since they are thinner and made ... more »

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You guys are ridiculously nice. I hope this kid really appreciates this. It looks like a nice build!

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I bought a complete freecoaster wheel of theirs from albes. It holds up well and I'm happy with it. It was my first FC and so far it has been really great.

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I had to grind down the bolt on the lever a bit to get the cable to fit. It works great once it's modded to fit.

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Lots of good recommendations here. I agree that if you want something simple, then go with a linear cable setup. Personally, I prefer a gyro and run a SNAFU mobeus detangler with a snafu dual upper cable and an odyssey gyro lower cable. My actual brakes ... more »

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The upper level Sundays are pretty good. I bought a Sunday Gary Young Pro two years ago and its great. I ended up changing the grips, bars, rear wheel (I wanted a freecoaster) and I put on a gyro. This was all done just for personal preference and not ... more »

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I have owned the Vandero 1 and the Vandero 2 (female axle). I like both and those hubs are still running strong. I can"t comment on the other choices because I haven't tried them, but the vandero is definitely a good one. Whatever you pick, make sure ... more »

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I'm gonna be in Miami for the next week and would like to ride some street around the area. Post up if you're from the area! I know there are some good spots around downtown and stuff.

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Don't forget gyro tabs for the frame. S&M ones will probably fit. Personally I run an odyssey monoloever with a SNAFU dual upper cable, SNAFU gyro plate (it takes the place of a regular headset spacer so it should work with any stem), mobeus detangler,

... more »
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^^ Listen to this. I worked in a bike shop and my guess is that either the wheel isn't sitting right in the dropouts or you need a simple true. Sometimes a wheel will move when tightening the bolts down which can cause it to sit slanted in your forks. ... more »

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I run Odyssey EVO II's and they're pretty good. I also have a monolever and I like it alot.

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They're lots of fun. I recently got one. The lack of backpedal pressure is weird at first but you get used to it. I would recommend an alienation free coaster since they have externally adjustable slack. This is a huge help if you switch often between ... more »

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Nice bike! What skatepark is that in the edit (the concrete one)? I've been looking for a good park in the area.

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Thanks for the comments guys!