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You need to understand gear ratios to fully grasp what has changed over the last 20 years or so. Todays standard is 25 or 28 on the front sprocket and the rear hub is almost always 9 tooth. Broadly it's referred to as micro drive. There used to be a ... more »

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I'd be surprised if it wasn't good. There was a thread here just the other day about this company.,2/RNC-Superlite-Stem,1324387

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He approached riding as though his body was indestructible. This is hard on my brain because I appreciated his gnarly style but at the same time understand the concept of personal responsibility. I loved to watch what he was doing but also understand ... more »

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Do youy want a casette or freewheel hub? Thats the biggest difference I could see. Also one has a racing style v-brake the other uses a more freestyle bmx U-brake. Looking at the spec sheets they look very similar.

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Can anyone explain the difference between 7075-T651 and 7075-T6? Cause my stem is 7075-T6 and I was wondering how much stronger it is.

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Ah yes, ye olde Director forks. You either love em or hate em. I think I fit into the latter category just based on looks. Never ridden them though. That Cardinal though. Drop ins? Never seen that on bmx before, only road bikes. I don't have a good photo ... more »

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The one I used to buy in the 90's was BMX Plus! Would dream about what it was like to ride bikes 4x my budget that weren't sold in any local shops even if I did have the cash. Great times!

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I've had the same brake lever problem. Ended up just cutting the grips. Some grip designs you can't even notice, others look weird. Cutting clean cuts isn't real easy either. I think the reason they are getting designed this way is for strength. But ... more »

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The mini uses a 4 pawl driver, so each rotation would make 4 click noises. Some designs have 3 pawls, some have 6. Pushing against each pawl is a leaf spring. The harder a pawl is pushed into the hubshell the louder the click sound. If your hub is brand ... more »

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Maybe buy a cheaper bike first to see if you like it, and get a feel for what you would like sizing wise.

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^ LOL, Yes they absolutely have. I currently ride the the Colony squareback which does exactly that. Francky describes the squareback as a shitty stem he had to overtighten. That was good at breaking bars. And if that's his experience then that's his ... more »

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You may post in jest, put if anyone had bars designed for the top slot of the Retard V2 stem I bet they wouldn't slip!

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If I remember correctly the expert line were Mongooses designed for racing. The frame is what they call a loop tail design because the dropout connected to the rear wheel is a single peace rather than two tubes welded together. It isn't 100% original ... more »

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Voted weight worries. When I was buying used bikes it was always the rear wheel that was 95% destroyed. Which left me with plenty of scratched but mostly fine front wheels. 2x front wheels is the future imho, saves 200-300 grams and looks super clean. ... more »

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Lol, now I just feel like an idiot

But at least I learnt something.
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The style police will arrest you! The Sunday freeze is 33mm. So not a huge difference. Handlebars will give a lot more variation than top load stems. It's also possible you have a short fork steerer tube which is another height factor.

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Ah yeah, I think I'm following. Around here I often hear spindle adapter or even spacer.

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Good on ya. I don't know of any other cranks that are still in production as long. P.S. What is a boss?

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You certainly got a chuckle here over the suggestion of the titanium spindle. May need a bigger sprocket though.

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Sweet, you did get them in the solid chrome right? But seriously, Column cranks or a different model?