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hay man . you wasn't to know... no worries bud in 98... This was the was the bike I really wanted but could never afford. .. so basically I want to build the bike I would have back then.... the only problem is finding the parts from back then.... its ... more »

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ha... thanks for them man but its actually me thats selling this frame... i was in search of one - then ended up with two!! This 2003 one that is for sale on ebay and i got my hands on a 96 frame which will be used for the build... if you know anyone ... more »

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Hay Guys... Sorry if you are reading this for the millionth time... I'm certainly board of typing it!! Im trying to locate a KHE beater frame to build the bike of my 98' dreams... I'm finding it very hard to locate a frame to start a the project... ive ... more »

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