SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (8/27/06) - Bell introduced its 2007 line of Faction BMX signature helmets today featuring the unique comic illustrations of legendary skateboard artist Jimbo Phillips. Known for an exaggerated drawing style similar to his famous father Jim Phillips, the younger Phillips brought a fresh approach to the themed signature series helmets Bell launched last fall.  “The response to and sales of the sushi series we did last year was huge,” said Bell BMX Team Manager Chuck Platt. “So we called the riders back and brainstormed with Jimbo a bit. When all was said and done, skulls came out on top.”Each of the signature helmets feature a custom animal skull graphic chosen by the rider. Dave Mirra’s illustration is the skull of a silverback gorilla adorned with some unique Mirra touches like a knit beanie and jewel encrusted teeth and earrings.  “Dave’s known for wearing some bling and he’s photographed pretty frequently with a beanie on, so we thought it fit his persona pretty well,” said Platt. Vert rider Jamie Bestwick chose the most unusual skull—that of an alien beast. Not really knowing what exactly an alien beast looked like, Phillips let loose with his creativity and drew a lavishly extraterrestrial skull—perhaps not inappropriate for someone who rides like he’s from another planet. Other Bell Riders chose more earthbound caricatures.  Widely-known dog-lover Chad Kagy chose a bulldog. Allan Cooke opted for the desert Southwest’s most elusive animal—the jackalope. Morgan Wade went with a snake, Steve McCann a piranha and Ryan Nyquist chose his semi-namesake, a rhino. While each of the animals skulls somehow embodies each rider, it is the illustration style of Jimbo Phillips that is perhaps more a signature in the true sense of the word. Over the past 20-odd years he has refined his individual style, designing skateboard decks, concert posters, surf and snowboard graphics, not to mention t-shirts and stickers of all kinds. With the completion of the Bell graphics, Phillips now has another medium to his credit. In addition to the rider signature series, the Faction is available in five solid colors—titanium, burnt orange, sparkle magenta, titanium and electric blue, as well as two Tony Hawk (non-Phillips) signature styles. The helmet meets the CPSC bicycle standard as well as the ASTM 1492 skate certification and is appropriate for bicycle and skate use. The Faction has an MSRP of $30.  More information and photographs are available at
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