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Gyro Dual lower cables/London mod:

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The rest of my Xmas haul! New BSD Donnastreet folding tires Odyssey M2 Lever with the London Mod and Slic Kables and a Shadow Sano Detangler!! I have the day off tomorrow and I am hoping to strip down the bike and rebuild with all the new goodies ... more »
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Yes. NASA rims laced to Backstreet Pro Cassette and Frontstreet pro. I have been digging their stuff too.. I like the donnastreet tires and the safari pedals have been solid for me. Contemplating the Freedom frame when the time comes...

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Still raining. I am getting some new tires this week so I will probably wait and do it all at once. Hopefully get to ride them soon!
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I do want to get there soon. I have to work tomorrow as well but I am hoping to hit lynch in the morning before going in.

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Unusually warm day in Boston today. Up in the 50s perfect for some street riding. Also have a new BSD wheelset to throw on the ride waiting for me at home..... of course it has been raining all day.

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Rode from years 8-15 skated years 15-24 did nothing for 21 years. Got the bug, had the money bought a new complete at 45 in early 2017. Loving it!!

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BSD has all their 2018 Frames 25% Off and a bunch of other stuff on sale:

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I am thinking of doing one in January. If you did one what was your expierience? Just curious about how crowded it might be. Or if it is just full of pros practicing all the time....

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I have the fuse Delta knee and elbow pads. Super comfy and fits under my chinos no problem. I have the shin whip pads with the ankle guards.. those aren't bad. If I could do it again I would get them with out ankle. Bulky in the shoe and they have a ... more »

Added reply in a thread First things to do when building complete BMX up 10/21/2018 4:24 PM That will give you a basic idea of how the complete will ship.....

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No the cranks: Crank: Salt "Comp", 4130 CrMo, 3-pc., "TSS", tubular, 170mm, 8 Spline 19mm Spindle They would loosen up everytime I rode. The splines also rounded off pretty fast too...

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I have a 2017 Crysis (first BMX in over 20 years) and as I have been learning I have changed stuff out as a matter of preference. The only part that gave me any grief were the cranks. They constantly came loose. I used locktite as well and I had to always ... more »

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Took apart my cassette and gave it a nice cleaning and regressing for the first time.... so much quieter now... hope I didn't put too much grease in... Rode it around, no slipping or anything.

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My motivation:

Also riding with someone. I rarely get to ride with anyone but the few times I have, I find myself trying new and outside my comfort zone things.
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I like the Target brand Goodfellow and Co. straight chinos. Stretchy so my pads fit underneath and super comfortable. They won't take much abuse on concrete but they are cheap enough that I now have several dedicated to just riding.

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Broke a couple spokes and I like working on my bike. What is the easiest way to figure out the spoke length? I don't have calipers or precise measuring tools handy and all the database spoke calculators don't have my hub or rim info. Can I just get away ... more »

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That is what I am hoping for is to find someone to ride with that is around or slightly above my (low) skill level! I usually try to hit the parks early or very late to avoid being in anyone's way while I am trying to get down the basics, so i usually ... more »

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The chain isn't the original chain anymore. When I got a new one when I upgraded my cranks and sprocket (28t from 25t). I did all that about 2 month ago. I got the same occasional clunk with my old stock cranks and 2 other sprockets. On my older cranks ... more »

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It is a SALT EX. Seems to be a 1 spring 4 pawls set up. Came on my 2017 WTP Crysis.