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I love my FUSE pads. I have the DELTA knee and SHIN/WHIP/ankle pads. Started with the Shadows but the actual protection (especially the knee) was pretty low and they started to come apart within a month. My FUSE are still going after a year and a half. ... more »

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This. When I put my sprocket on my Thunderbolts I took a board and drilled a hole for the spindle, then used a rubber mallet to tap the spindle/crank arm through the sprocket to mount it flush. Only really had to do that set up once. Once the paint wears ... more »

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That was the 2019 model. Your gonna have to do some google fu to find someone who has it in stock as the 2020s are already here.

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"MID" is the type of BB for the frame. The size is determined by your crank spindle size. The cranks on most completes are 19mm spindles. Aftermarket cranks are usually 22 or 24.

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What kind of riding do you want to do?

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I use the FUSE Deltas. Still fit fine under my regular fit chinos. They stay in place. When I started to ride again I started with the shadow invislites and within a month the stitching gave way and the neoprene to keep from slipping was gone in even ... more »

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I really liked Odyssey's Raiford grip. Super soft right off the bat. I just went to odi longneck xls because I wanted the extra length to cover more of the bars.... the odis aren't bad, but they are taking forever to break in for me.... Anyone else make ... more »

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When I started riding again at 46 I started off with a Crysis! Great choice!

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Had a shadow interlock (non supreme) and it was a little too big for my La Guardia sprocket so i went to the bluebird. I've ran them before never had an issue.

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Pretty sure they are not actually PVC... That is the gimmick/branding/style...The word/phrase "PVC" on these pegs stands for Plastic Vs. Concrete I was curious about them too as they are only $11 a pop!

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I am lucky I have a great LBS. If he doesn't have something in stock I want, he can get it for me, usually within a couple days and his prices are no different from any of the mail orders. So I can spend the same amount and no shipping. If you are on ... more »

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I really like the S1 Lifer helmet. Light, dual certified. Comes with extra pads 1 size up and q size down to dial in the fit. Great choice!

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Maybe they were better made back then? I tried the current shadows and within a few weeks they were jaggy and sharp. Now I just run par ends.

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Going to a bike shop to have your bars tightened is like going to a guitar shop and having your guitar tuned.

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I want an "eternal" spacer.

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When I pushed one side all the way against the rim, the other side couldn't reach the rim because it was bottoming out against the first arm...