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Very cool... Love the monochromatic color scheme, nice job!

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Very cool. Congrats on the new ride!

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Nice! I really like all the chrome with those wheels. Very cool.

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Any opinions from experience?

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Thanks Tec... I've been eyeballing Odyssey wheels... nice. Will probably replace the front first as it's a stock single wall. Rear is double wall so should hold me up for a bit. Trying to figure out what's good -- most of the brands I'm reading about ... more »

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When I started shopping around for a new BMX locally, I found that all the local shops have gotten out of BMX and are pushing MTB or casual "beach" bikes. I'm older, and just getting back into BMX, and remember when the local shops were filled with them ... more »

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I have been thinking about picking up a 20" BMX for a while now as I used to ride in my younger years -- you couldn't get me off my bike in my youth. I have riden a 29er single speed for years now, but it's never been as much fun as what I remember from ... more »

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