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I have a new lightning bolt plate on my Haro racing bike. Its so cool

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qbp is a distributor they sell stuff for cheaper so the shop can make money off of selling it. Most shops will cut you a break if you order it through them but QBP only has a limited selection of parts and colors and whatnot

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I really didnt like my 08 flow street. I would take a look at the 09 kink liberty its affordable and pretty nice. No expirience with Stolen unfortunetly.

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I just put one on like 2 hours ago. Its black and awesome. I had one on my old bike before it dissapeared. I recommend it 100% I i used a park tools ct-5 chain breaker and channel lock pliers to push the pin back in, and it worked beautifully. it only ... more »

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my favorite tires are still the maxxis miracles for all conditions. I just run GLH-R tires cuz they are new and the miracles aren't kevlar

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they dont last that long.

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i dont know about best but i really like doing invert 180's off the small quarter that sticks out of the big quarter. You know what i mean

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who in their right mind would lie about putting a fuckin small block in a skyline?

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Profile claims that madera hubs are exactly the same on the inside. does anyone run a madera? Should i get a profile to match my front or should i save and buy the madera?

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the cs2 will not but the old one should with no problem

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the only kids in my town that ride are all in 8th grade and they have midway built up bikes and out of the 5 only one can jump this one mini gap, and none can 180. But they claim they can only do it on my bike cuz its better.

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i love weed and redbull

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i like my grim reaper 2 a whole hella lot but i think the LTF is a much better quality frame with more technology and its american made. I used to have an LAF till it got jacked and it was a great frame.

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change the wheels and stem and tires first i recommend